Friday, 14 November 2008

One rule for me...

Some synth pop from before the term was invented. Take a look at the scans. These records look great, especially Laser Love with its orange vinyl and cut-out sleeve. One Rule For You and Laser Love were both minor hits in1979 (No. 40 and No. 62 respectively).

mp3: After The Fire - One Rule For You (1979)
mp3: After The Fire - Laser Love (1979)
mp3: After The Fire - Joy (1979)
Joy is the b-side of One Rule For You and it lives up to it’s title. I played it as much as the a-side in the 70s.


zill said...

Thanks, I hadn't heard "Joy" before. I really dig this early "synthpop" sound, before anyone had any preconceptions about what it was "supposed" to sound like.

Mick said...

That's right, Zill, it doesn't sound like 80s synthpop but it's undeniably what it is.

marmiteboy said...

Blimey this brings back memories. I haven't heard ATF for about 20 years.

Asbo said...

The orange vinyl "laser love" one brings back memories from years back as I was selling it at a table sale and had it at the front of my vinyl box, it was a hot day and the disc totally warped in the heat :(
I still have it but it's unplayable.
Great records by the way.

KODRA said...

It`s not fair!With years I want this song from After the fire and when I found them, i reed that account is gone!May you solved this problem?