Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Come on admit it, you’ve all got some records that you look at and wonder “what the hell was I thinking?” Well I’ve decided it’s about time I shared some of mine with you. I bought this some 28 years ago and, the eighties being the eighties, I’m not sure if Yuka is a boy or a girl. Some elementary Googling tells me that Yuka is a female Japanese name but on the picture sleeve (which is inconclusive) he/she doesn’t look particularly look Japanese

It sounds to me a bit like Mika. Let that be a warning to you!!

Yuka – Who Would Believe A Young Man (1981)

A bit more quality tomorrow I promise but be warned - there are more of these in the vinyl archive.


Mondo said...

Thats a fine ol' piece of randomness like Kate Bush meets Sparks by way of Not The Nine O Clock News..

PS Piley and I recorded our 4th podcast last name, I mentioned your Susan George story as the subject of celebs in unlikely places came up

Mick said...

Well spotted, Dave. There is a bit of a Russell Mael vibe in the vocals. I should have picked up on that because I love Sparks.

Looking forward to hearing my namecheck on the next podcast. In fact, everyone check out Podrophenia 4 when it’s posted

PS I almost bumped into Neil Tennant in Harrods once but somehow that doesn't seem unlikely.

oldskool said...

This is a great song with very nice synth sounds. I like it! Thanks for sharing.