Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Noughty but nice (Part 1)

As you know this blog is mainly concerned with older music but since we are nearing the end of the Noughties I thought it would be nice to give a mention to some 21st century music. Not a Top 100 list or anything like that, I’m not that organised, just a few songs that I’ve enjoyed in the last decade.

First an artist who’s all over the blogosphere and I first heard over at Davy’s place. Our boys hate this (“It’s just boring”) but for Mrs Mick and me this has become a sort of ‘our tune’. When I played it last weekend the missus asked me if I wanted to dance (the beer/wine was already flowing) and the boys were disgusted: “Oh my God they’re having sex!!” Which we weren’t, of course, spontaneous nookie being out of the question with those pests around. Er, I’ve gone off topic. I hope I haven’t ruined the song for you.

Richard Hawley - Lady’s Bridge (2007)

P.S. In the new year I plan to buy a new improved turntable and start ripping my old records again and will even post some new improved versions of some old favourites.


davy h said...

I hope you bought the new one. It is very good.

PS: I introduced my girlies and Mrs H to Sparky today, via your picture. They all want one now. Troublemaker.

Mick said...

I haven't yet but it's on my list, though of course I've heard the odd snippet via the blogosphere.

PS: If the girlies get Mrs H on their side you're doomed.

Simon said...

I've just been given his albums. I'm going to have to keep this out of my head whilst listening!!!

Mick said...

Oops! Sorry.

Mondo said...

I haven't got into Richard H yet - but I haven't heard enough really..I'll put him on the New Year Resolutions.

I'm off for Christmas now, so have a good one with the family Mick - hope the new little chap doesn't leave to many 'parcels' under the tree. My old cat was a terror for it, although mainly in the bucket to be fair to him..

davy h said...


So It Goes said...

I prefer cats too.
All the best for Christmas, my old mate.
Steve x
P.S. Actually, I can't stand dogs. Sorry. The Koreans have a serial addiction to yappy little bastards.

BrotheRay said...

What do you think you're doing scaring the kids like that, so close to Christmas too. Learn the lesson, white men and Scottish people can't dance.

Mick said...

We really embarrass them at weddings. Have fun tomorow - hope you're not driving.

Very funny avatarby the way.