Sunday, 20 December 2009

My word is final!

When Mrs Mick foolishly asked the boys to write a Christmas list a few weeks back all three of them included puppy on their long lists. I had to explain to them that I don’t particularly like dogs (always been a cat person) and they took a lot of looking after and we would only get one over my dead body. So……

Say hello to Sparky.

He’s been with us four weeks now and I’m slowly coming round to his charms.

Good points: Very affectionate, learned toilet training very quickly, bit of a babe magnet when I take him out.

Bad points: Never stops eating, chewed my shoes, I have to pick up his shit in those little black bags that are impossible to open.

Since I don’t have any good dog songs I’ve gone for a song that describes his personality.

XTC – Stupidly Happy


Kippers said...

Ahh, sounds to me suspiciously like you're fast becoming a dog person, Mick. Sparky looks like a bonny little fellow. You'll have a friend for life there; or at least for a good ten to fifteen years!

Fair play to you I say.

davy h said...

That's about the darned cutest dawg I ever did see, you old softie.

dickvandyke said...

Sparky's dream.

I am under similar pressure Mick. I fend off the pleas with weak yet pragmatic deflections such as, "What happens when we go away", "It's not fair to leave him during the day", leather sofa, light carpets, vets fees, chewed skirting boards, walkies novelty wears off quickly, etc etc...

However, having had dogs before, I think I'm most afraid of when they die aged 10 - 15 and leave you jibbering like a right wuss.

Mick said...

I think I'm getting ther Kipps.

I used all those excuses but the boys had Mrs Mick on their side. Hardly a fair fight.

Who you calling cute?

dickvandyke said...

Not named after Mark Hughes I trust?

Anyway, having seen the latest photo of doggy, is he a Cocker? and .......

where can I get one?

Mick said...

Sparky's a spinger spaniel named by my 9-year old.

The other Sparky was treated shabbily but it wasn't a great surprise, was it? He was a dead man walking for some time. Have you ever noticed he looks a bit like Jon Anderson (of Yes fame)? Mark Hughes that is, not the puppy. Google Image them and see what I mean.

Kippers said...

Hughes could always take City to court and sue them for unfair undismissal. Knowing him though he'd end up picking a really poor, yet ridiculously expensive, defence.

Jon said...

Ah - fantastic news! Just keep him away from the BBD LPs and all will be fine with the world.

Mick said...

He should use my solicitors Norfolk & Good.

If he touches my BBD LPs he'll be an Axe Victim for sure. Good to hear from you btw.

dickvandyke said...

Financially of course, Mark Hughes need not work again. So my sympathy lies in the dictionary .. between shite and syphilis.

Sparky coulda been called Jerry.
Or Daniel the Spaniel.

Christ, has the Christmas Eastenders finished yet?

Mick said...

The young lass on reception at the vets was called Kat. Really!

Anonymous said...

sparky's so cute!