Saturday, 26 December 2009

Noughty but nice (Part 3) The XTC edition

If I had one wish for the next decade it would be for XTC to release a new LP. Well actually it would be for world peace, an end to hunger and…oh, everything! But in musical terms it would be the return of the best band of the last 30 years. I would make do with an Andy Partridge solo if it was filled with great pop songs as opposed to that improvised Monstrance nonsense but a full blown XTC reunion, preferably including Dave Gregory, is what I’d love to see and despite what I’ve read in Andy Partridge interviews I still see it as a realistic if remote possibility.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you their last studio LP was Wasp Star from 2000. A fine album that suggested to me they were still at the top of their game with plenty more to come. I particularly liked the final track which sounds like XTC, The Beatles and The Beach Boys in one song. I refuse to believe this is the end.

XTC - The Wheel and The Maypole (2000)

This is my second selection from this album in the last week so don’t expect the links to the mp3s to be live very long. Do yourself a favour – buy XTC.


Orphie said...

I'm with you. . it'd be great to have Andy return to what he does best.

Of course that comes from a selfish place. Andy's given us plenty, after all. But he's just so damned talented, that it's a shame to hide it in a shed somewhere.

Seems hard to believe that Wasp Star is almost ten years old!

dickvandyke said...

Happiest New Year ever dear Mick.

Mick said...

I've been enjoying the Fuzzy Warbles but I'd love to hear some 'finished' material.

Happy New Year to you, old chap. I'm staying in with the family. It's the new going out apparently.

davy h said...

Oh absolutely. All the best people are doing it. HNY to you, Mrs Mick and the Micklets x

Jon said...

And all the best from over here where there are still a few hours before the clock strikes...