Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Here are two pictures I took from my doorstep at about 6a.m. this morning. One was taken with flash and one without although they’ve both been enhanced slightly. It hasn’t stopped snowing since and Mrs Mick says it’s the most snow she’s seen since she moved south of the border.

Two things that have happened today:
1. I attempted to drive to work this morning but had to give up when my car got stuck after about 200 yards.
2. Mrs Mick has just sent me out in a blizzard because she was out of wine.

It’s all right for all you tough northerners but us soft southern jessies aren’t used to this at all.


Mondo said...

This is Mrs M and the youngest Mondo in the snow 1 week before Christmas it's not that diff' today..

dickvandyke said...

I noticed how it became 'big news' overnight as the Home Counties enjoyed a dusting. Indeed, a 'Special Programme' was commissioned by the BBC to reflect this crucial development.

Why, even the newsreader girl with the big lips and designer glasses appeared to be a little moist when describing 'jack-knifed lorries, 'large swathes of Hampshire in the grip of Siberian conditions ' and ''blizzard-like' conditions across the M4 corridor'. (By the way, surely it's either a blizzard or it's not a blizzard? It's not blizzard-like).

Any road, after you've trudged for 2 hours every day to and from work, the novelty of seeing a New Forest pony rolling around soon wears off. Especially when some twat in a Land Cruiser rolls by with 5 empty seats and Simply Red blaring out on his radio as you slide into an invisible man hole .

davy h said...

Appalling! I mean the Simply Red, obviously.

Clearly Mrs Mick has you figured as 'task-oriented' and plays to your strengths in this matter. We've got loads in! Bring it on!

davy h said...

Brilliant choice of song btw: curses, I would never have thought of that.

Mick said...

I saw that picture, Mondo. It partly inspired these two.

It's news because it means they are going to struggle to get to work. Don't they have News Specials up your way when the price of lard goes through the roof or a mystery virus threatens the whippet population? (Or if Leeds beat Man Ure)

I was going to post these pics this morning and use Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal but I decided it was too obvious, so I flicked through the CD collection looking for inspiration and this worked.

dickvandyke said...

Fortunately Mick, we had stocked up with lard. Barnstoneworth (our eldest boy) made a makeshift igloo from it. (It doubles up as a nuclear shelter. And handily, being white, it reflects any blast).

The whippets are struggling it must be said. When shitting, they shake like a Pompeii archway.

This just in from the BBC Newsroom ... 'The atrocious weather has hampered a golf buggy in Surrey. One man was slightly hurt in Chelmsford today when he dropped a Chardonnay bottle on his loafer. In other news, 37 people died in Scotland'.

Mick said...

Chardonnay? It must have been one of the servants. Tell Barnstoneworth I've seen some great shovels being used to clear snow.

P.S. I hope you're not suggesting we see the Scots as less important down here. Why, if they win an award they instantly become British (as the missus is always telling me).

dickvandyke said...

Well balanced eh .. chip on each shoulder.

I'll tell our Barnstoneworth. He's out just now, feeding his racing vultures with black pudding. He sleeps with his Spear & Jackson No 3.

Mick said...

You spoil that lad.

JC said...

Jings Crivvens Help Ma Boab.

The photos look like Aviemore on August Bank Holiday

Mick said...

I can quite believe that Oor JC.

ib said...

"Southern Freeze" is one of the finest distillations of English Jazz Funk. I am still inordinately fond of it.

As I mentioned to Davy H, it was -10°C up here last night. The minute the thermostat hovers around the zero mark, all you southerners get cold feet.

Well. Actually it was only -8°C, or thereabouts, but you know how we jocks are wont to exaggerate.

Happy New Year, Mick.

Mick said...

Cheers, Ib.

As you can see from this page it was -10.2°C in Farnborough the other night. We're now officially colder than Scotland.

Mick said...

Except for Aboyne, southern Aberdeenshire.

ib said...

Yes! -20°C, I believe, and forecast to fall even lower in the next couple of days.

davy h said...
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davy h said...

Someone from Newcastle phoned Radcliffe & Maconie on Wednesday to say a lass in the Bigg Market had put a cardy on.

Mick said...

That Cheryl Tweedy lass has picked up some soft southern habits.

ib said...

It wasn't Sheryl Cole, then ?

ib said...

That's two minds think alike at 17:49. Snap!

Mind you. I was compelled to ask my wife who Cheryl Tweedy is.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos... I've taken a few like that - one with flash, one without - it's always a cool effect when the flash hits the snowflakes in mid-air.

Yes, you southern jessies are very soft when it comes to snow LOL half an inch falls in London and the whole city screeches to a halt, like it's a nuclear winter LOL

I was raised "oop north" through all the bad winters of the later 60's, 70's and early 80's.. and it sucked LOL horrible, hellish.. sure, it's character building, but it sucks, I'd rather have been raised in the sunbelt... so I escaped from the Uk an never went back (except to visit).

great blog, some cool rare stuff, thanks for all the stuff you share... I can forgive you for being a soft southern jessie LOL JUST KIDDING MY FRIEND... you rock :)