Friday, 22 January 2010

The storm is breaking

Because I enjoyed Planet Mondos recent Roxy Music post and I haven’t got any ideas of my own at the moment and I love a song that starts with a great clap of thunder and I’ve been meaning to post this for some time here’s the 12-inch version of Slave To Love.

Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love (12-inch Version) (1985)

P.S. I’ve got a great Chris Spedding song I might post later today or maybe at the weekend or maybe never.


davy h said...

Thank you Michael - I love the extendeds from this period.

It's Eno night on BBC4, as I am sure you know - The Roxy Music Story is on at 11:00!

Mick said...

You're most welcome David. I did know but I forgot it was tonight so thanks for the reminder.

Here's a little confession though: I love the Here Come The Warm Jets kind of stuff but I never really got ambient music.

davy h said...

...Just back from watching the Eno Arena - wept buckets, love him to bits - Davy H, News On Blog, London.

Mick said...

Meanwhile in Hampshire: Kids are fighting, missus is watching Pop Star to Opera Star and Mick waits patiently for the repeat.

David said...


Mick said...

And I have to work tomorrow morning and when I get in Mrs Mick has to go to work and I have to look after her children.

Mondo said...

Bless you Mick you're a star..also love Windswept from the Boys and Girls album..

The Eno Arena was fab. He is Professor Pleasant isn't he?

PS watch out for a Warm Jets era rarity next on the blog next week..

Mick said...

Windswept - Brilliant! Wouldn't sound out of place on Avalon. Similar to the excellent True To Life.

Looking forward to the Eno post.