Monday, 11 January 2010


Today’s post is inspired by Adam from the brilliant Fades In Slowly blog. He’s just posted two Punishment of Luxury Peel sessions which I highly recommend. I’ve had some tracks from their Laughing Academy LP on file for some time but haven’t posted them because they didn’t sound right to me. In fact it was ripping this LP that convinced me I needed to dump the USB turntable and buy a decent Hi-Fi one like I used to have. When this happens you can expect new and improved rips of some old favourites. Until then enjoy an OK-ish rip of British Baboon. The song has nothing to do with A Clockwork Orange but from the moment I first heard it the image it conjured was Malcolm McDowell in his Droog outfit.

Punishment of Luxury – British Baboon (1979)


Adam said...

I feel humble. Fine, fine work my good man.

garychching said...

Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I found the fades in slowly site looking for Punishment Of Luxury john peel sessions. I have the 2nd but the first show is no longer available (link is gone).

I saw from the comments and this post that you actually did get it, is there any chance you could send it to me?

My blog and contact details are at

All the best