Sunday, 24 January 2010

As promised...

I promised a cracking Chris Spedding song in the last post and I wasn’t kidding.

Those awfully nice people at Amazon gave me some credit for free downloads for spending lots of money with them at Christmas so, after my 9-year old made me download some Black Eyed Peas, I got this little gem. Although it’s from 1978 I first heard it when brother Ray included a scratchy vinyl rip on a 70s CD he made for me a few years back. I’ve considered posting that version several times but getting this shiny digital version clinched it.

Chris Spedding - Silver Bullet (1978)


Anonymous said...

Well it's about time!I bought this gem at Radio House in Yeovil which we used to go into before going to see Yeovil Town play, they were in the Southern League in those days (1975).Radio House used to stock just about every single released in any particular week. Favoured customers like ourselves were allowed to go through the new releases box which was,strangely,kept under the counter.
I had heard this on the Friday afternoon when Radio 1 used to feature new releases from 4pm, can't remember who the DJ was but it was after Annie Nightingale had left.
Anyway 35 years on and still in my alltime top 30 singles.
Up The Glovers!!!!!


Mondo said...

That's a cracker love the jingle-jangle arpeggios. I've been giving his instrumental Backwood a blast lately. Discovered via this mighty comp (where I first heard Michael Chapman)

Mick said...

Radio House was the best shop for singles ever. I'm thinking of doing a feature on the records I got from their 10p box

What a great Harvest comp. I never even knew it existed. The only one I knew of was this box set which was a bit pricey. Have you checked out the final track by Be Bop Deluxe? It's an old fave from my teenage years.

BrotheRay said...

The Picnic-Breath of Fresh Air Comp that Mondo has is basically the Harvest double album we had in 1969 plus added tracks to make up a 3 CD set expanding the material to 1974. The original album was Harvest's answer to Islands successful 'You can All Join In'and sold for 29/11d.
Expanding it follows Decca/deram's recent 3 CD retrospectives 'Legend of A Mind' and 'Strange Pleasures'. Shame on all you who don't have them.

Mick said...

According to Wikipedia they only have three tracks in common, though they do have several of the same bands.

Mondo said...

I've got both Harvest comps and the CD one is defo the better one. On a similar theme - have you tried Andy Votel's Vertigo Mixed - one of the greatest mixed comps ever!

Mick said...

To be honest I don't really like those mixes. Even the Beatles one just sounded wrong to me. Recent posts and comments have got me in the mood for an old comp though. There are interesting Charisma and Decca ones on Amazon I just might invest in.

Niall said...

Silver Bullet.....Really great single,Thanks for the Post !!!