Monday, 7 February 2011

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Here’s the other record I bought last Friday. It’s the 12-inch version of the third Positive Noise single Positive Negative. This is another one I missed at the time. I loved their debut single Ghosts/Give Me Passion but wasn’t sure about the follow up Charm/And Yet Again (which I must post here one day) and never really investigated further. That’s a shame because these songs are much more up my synthy post-punk alley.

Former vocalist Ross Middleton had left to form Leisure Process by now so the band line-up is:

Russell Blackstock – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Graham Middleton – Keyboards
Frazer Middleton – Bass Guitar
Les Gaff – Drums

Positive Noise - Positive Negative (12-inch version) (1981)
Positive Noise - Energy (1981)

I’ve also got some live Positive Noise which I will feature soon.


darkdance said...

It is difficult for me to believe that the lads have let you down without a few toasts about this one. "Positive Negative" was an intentional slam against the Italo disco clichés of that almost-forgotten mixed-genre time and a really huge cross-over hit in the Italo world nonetheless. (In the clubs, I mean for you Londoners and suburbanites). Great tune and the best original mix of it. Unavailable on cd as far as I know. Pos Noise was an important band with several amazing songs, but unfortunately they were alive and on the scene quite some time before the masses who might have bought their records.

Mick said...

I was thinking the same thing about the lack of comments. I don't think PN are 'lovey' enough for the London dahlings. I did receive a nice email from a reader in Dubai which I must respond to.

Cresh Wainright said...

My brother bought this at the time and I loved it! Link is invalid, so.... thanks, mate!!!