Friday, 20 July 2012


There are a lot of things I like about this record. For a start there’s the synthy/new wavey/power poppy A-side. Then there’s the wonderful instrumental B-side which, just when you think it’s going to just repeat the same riff all the way through, goes into a sparkly bridge/middle eight before the wordless vocal in the final verse almost takes it into ‘Telstar’ territory. I strongly urge you to listen to both sides of this 45.

Best of all it only cost me £1 at a record fair last May. I love a bargain. It was almost like the old days when I would take a gamble on a single because it looked like the sort of thing I might like.

I’m pretty sure this single represents the entire recorded output of The Corvettes which is a shame.

The Corvettes - Love To Hate You (1980)

The Corvettes - Heartbeat (1980)

Penny Heathcote - Vocals
Robyn Banks - Keyboards
Blotto Williams - Bass
Mike Stand - Drums
Jeremy King – Guitar

For more info on the Corvettes check out this website on the Brighton punk scene.

P.S. I know it's been a while but so please leave a comment so I know you're all still out there.


davyh said...

No, I've long moved on

Word veri = flxtng 45 - how apt

Mick said...

Thought as much. Wonder if everyone else is a fickle.

Congrats on being able to read the word veri. Those things do my head in but the last time I disabled them I was bombarded with spam.

Mick said...

That should read 'as fickle' of course. I'm not calling you a fickle, whatever that might be.

adam said...

I'm still here. I'm still waiting for the vicar to post something again, you are a model of consistency and profligacy compared to him.

davyh said...

He let us all down terribly

Mick said...

Hi Adam!! It's been nearly two years since we heard from the vicar, He changed his handle to Doctor you know. Maybe he regenerated.

This is going quite well. Can I expect a comic aside from kippers, a rambling message from DVD, an insult from Darkdance and the aging hippy view from BrotheRay I wonder.

BTW does anyone like The Corvettes? I did a little dance of joy when I first played it way back in, um, May,

And all for £1!!

adam said...

I immediately thought "The Corvettes! I remember them from my pre-blogging forum days" and I went to look on there to find them. I did find them! but it was a different corvette entirely and all of their music links are dead. I would have thought i downloaded those Corvette things at some point but I can't find them now. I will have a listen to your corvettes and get back to you.

If I play something by The Sincerros (along with a passable story about mistaken identities) will I get a chorus of 'I remember that'? (there is a chance that I won't be able to as I'm not sure if the record is still in the cupboard and it's the evening of the last day of term so I'm too beered up to go and look)

(The vicar is my boss at work. He now has at least three mp3/other pop culture blogs plus his own webspace which he went out and spent money on but never posts on any of them. He is, however, very well).

dickvandyke said...

How frightfully moist everything is. Why only yesterday, in a bizarre potting shed incident, I found my zucchini has cross-pollinated with a tomato.

I'm left with a Little Red Courgette.

mineforlife said...

Thanks for this! And the blog links...

Mick said...

I haven't got any Sincerros but someone I knew must have because I've given them a quick once over on Youtube and some of it is very familiar. I think you should upload some.

Your spending too much time in your shed.

No problem

darkdance said...

I don't insult, you cretin. Luv the tunes, incidentally.

Mick said...

Thanks, jerk. You took your time. Been on holiday?

Cresh Wainright said...

Corvettes, love the name! Cant wait to hear it! SAnd,yes, I do remember Way of the West! I'm getting old! I just found you via systemsofromance blog, I'll check back again! Take care! PS I'm from New York, north of the city -Cresh

Anonymous said...

Love the love to hate you!

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