Saturday, 6 September 2008

For shame...

From the Urban Dictionary:
1. for shame

used to express great discontent, dissatisfaction, disappointment, often in a funny way; usually used after someone (including oneself) has done something wrong, committed a party foul, or said something not cool (either stupid or politically incorrect)

I bought the Daily Mail today because they were giving away Spandau Ballets True CD. I enjoyed listening to it but nothing quite matched this:

mp3: Spandau Ballet - Glow (12-inch mix)


Davy H said...

On Monday they're giving away Culture Club's 'Colour By Numbers'.I haven't had that since my cassette went missing and/or screwy circa 1984. I shall have to get Mrs H to buy it of course because I cannot be seen to be buying the Daily Mail myself. Obviously.

Mick said...

Can you ask her to buy two?


Kippers said...

It's at times like this when those new-fangled self-service checkouts in Tesco really come into their own.

(the newspaper recycling point next to my local one will come in handy on Monday as well.)

So It Goes said...

Thanks, kippers, for making me laugh out loud for the second time this week.
Well, Mick, if they have to give away 80s pop to get people to buy their rag...draw your own conclusions.

darkdance said...

Power Of The Press by The Angelic Upstarts is what's playing here at the moment.

adam said...

If you look at the advert on the telly then back in the corner of the back row is a green cover, and a photograph of a belfast boy with all his worldly possessions under his arm. I feel the urge to get it again and if it wasn't the mail I know I would.

Er, I've still got my vinyl copies of True. And Colour By Numbers.

Do you think this is the bloggers version of those tortured independent school v state school debates they always have going on Guardian Unlimited? "Well frankly it's all very well you saying you're content with your scratched up and, let's be honest, inferior vinyl copy but sometimes you simply have to compromise your so-called principles in order to do the best for your own'.

Davy H said...

Very good.

Mick said...

Here's the full list of CDs:
Spandau Ballet True
Culture Club Colour By Numbers
Paul Young No Parlez
Adam Ant Prince Charming
Human League Dare
Simple Minds Once Upon a Time
Bonnie Tyler Faster Than The Speed of Light
Hairct 100 Pelican West
Terence Trent D'Arby Introducing The Hardline
Dexy's Midnight Runners Searching For The Young Soul Rebels
Heaven 17 The Luxury Gap
Marillion Misplaced Childhood

Amazingly I only own one of these on CD. I blame compilations and the fact CDs used to be expensive (and the fact I had a perfectly good turntable til the mid 90s). If you have the Human Leagues Greatest Hits you already have half of Dare so there's less incentive to buy it for a few album tracks. Of course, those tracks include 'Seconds' and 'Do or Die' so I guess I'll be putting on the shades and buying some more newspapers in the next few weeks.

Note to the record company: If you had released a version of Dare with all the 12-inch mixes as bonus tracks I would have bought it long ago.

oh, and the one I already own on CD? Amazingly, it's Marillion. Saw it for a fiver in Fopp two years ago and couldn't resist it.

Davy H said...

'No Parlez' is of course the most commonly found LP in UK charity shops, along with 'Hello, I Must Be Going!' by Phil C***ins.

Mick said...

Soon to be joined by miniature versions with Dail M**l logos.

Planet Mondo said...

Glow 12" - what a gem. They loved the ol' clickety sticks back then. 'The Freeze' is another 12" winner from the Ball'.Actually I had the 'Diamond' album released in a box with 12" versions of all the tracks. Wonder how much I'd get on the 'bay. Possibly not as much as I paid for it.

I'm waiting for someone to dig out 12" of Bow Wow Work's W.O.R.K

Mick said...

For a while at the tail end of 1980/early 81 I thought Spandau Ballet were the future. Still love the early stuff. I stayed with them up to Parade.

I've only got the 7" of W.O.R.K but you never know, some kind reader might be able to help.

darkdance said...

I thought that I was the only one who liked early Spandau Ballet. You guys are weird.

Davy, who is affraid of me, PY's closest approximation of a listenable song was his cover of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. Is that song on the free cd wrapped in the daily wipe?

Planet Mondo said...

Duran were always pop pretenders - SB were the real thing. But the alarm bells went off with 'Lifeline', and it was abandon ship when 'True' came out *gags*

Mick said...

I have to confess I really liked the True album back then. I remember being blown away by Lifeline on the headphones, my girlfriend's best friend was always asking me to play Heaven Is A Secret, I remember rolling around drunk singing Gold at the top of my voice and True itself was an instant slowie classic at the clubs (before it became a cliche played at every wedding).

I've got an mp3 for you Mondo, i'll send it later tonight.

Davy H said...

What larks Dark Dance, I hate, ABSOLUTELY HATE, PY's cover of 'Love Will Tear Us Part' - it is, in my opinion, AN ABOMINATION!!! Hugs x

darkdance said...

Davy, glad you took notice of my ramble. I agree with you, actually. My remark was intended as a subtle comment (too subtle?) on PY in general and about why PY may be often found, as you pointed out, in the thrifts. I'm not a fan of ANY of the give-away cd's on Mick's Mail list, and I fail to see what the Mail is trying to accomplish with the give-aways. Their promotion is a bastardization of the music era I like.

Simon said...

Being stuck in the Welsh Valleys these past few weeks with other things on my mind I've completely missed these Mail freebies. There has been no trace of the adverts on the tv round these parts.

I own all of those in that list except for Bonnie Tyler and Marillion. On CD too.

JON said...

Waaaaait a minnit - the paper is giving these away? I need to relocate, it seems...

BTW - I too still have "True" and "Colour" on vinyl. (Shock!) used to love both...but "True" has become "Ew!" over the years.

Mick said...

I'm getting a bit behind with my replies so...
They're trying to boost circulation, that's all. The certainly don't care about bastardisation of music if that's what it is.
Looking at the list again I had 5 and ex-girlfriens and flatmates had another 4, so the only ones I've never heard all the way through are Bonnie Tyler, Adam Ant and, perhaps surprisingly, Simple Minds. I bought everything up to Sparkle In The Rain but nothing after. I think I'll give it a try for 50p.
It's free but the catch is you have to buy a dubious right wing rag. The main enemy today is public sector workers. They're going to ruin the country you know...

darkdance said...

I guess its the Mail's picks that annoy me--more pop fluff as if that's all that eighties music was or is about. Not to mention, as you did, their politics. I'll get over it all just as I'll get over your video no show. Time to me to play Power Of The Press again. Time for you to post whatever your 50p investment might have inspired?

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