Monday, 2 February 2009

It’s cold outside Part 2…

Message on the school website:
School (and Pre-school) closed due to snow on Tuesday 3rd February. Please continue to visit our website and listen to the local radio for updates.

That’s my quiet day off work buggered! Course it was worse in my day (see mid 60s picture above) and we didn’t have central heating. Frost on the inside of your bedroom window etc…Just read this post, you'll get the idea.

The Stiv Bators song comes courtesy of Darkdance, who thought it might be too punky for me. I actually think it’s a great piece of power pop.

mp3: Stiv Bators - It’s Cold Outside (1979)


Planet Mondo said...

Frost inside the window - yes remember that well, and on the doorstep, swollen frozen milk bursting the bottle tops..

Jim said...

Great - not heard this before. I'm familiar with the (original?) version by The Choir from 1966 but this is just as peppy.

darkdance said...

So who is who in the picture? The young man in the middle in his Sunday best looks especially uncomfortable. And very unsatisfied with the snowdwarf.

Davy H said...

I was all up for tin trays down the hillside but had to go to Manchester, where they only had rain.

Excellent photograph there Michael.

Anonymous said...

Well darkdance, the one in the middle is me. For Sunday best uniform...and still a young man.
Just think Mick, this was us in 1966, just about the time Marty was singing 'the summer had inhaled ...', well you know the rest.

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