Monday, 23 February 2009


Nice bubblegum post over at TVD on Friday. There were a few bubblegum records in our house back in the late 60s including this all but forgotten gem from 1969.

It was on the Major Minor label – whatever happened to that? Other artists we had on the label were Tommy James and the Shondells, Karen Young, Johnny Nash and Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Whenever I hear old songs that we had I always picture the record label and sleeve. Do you even know what label your CDs are on?

mp3: Crazy Elephant - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ (1969)

My boys like this one even though it always ‘tricks’ them. When they hear the opening bars they think it’s ‘Cherry Bomb’.


Planet Mondo said...

I'm all for a bit of Bubblegum - there's no shame in having a sweet tooth for this sort of tune. In fact I've got a couple of booty remixes - where pop nuggets have been bolted onto Velvet Underground classics, and both bands are better for it..

I may post them for this Funky Friday perhaps..

JON said...

I had never heard this before - good one!

Mick said...

Making Velvet Underground listenable is a pretty neat trick ;))

That’s why I described it as forgotten. It’s a classic Kasenetz-Katz production that was a hit both sides op the Atlantic but I’ve never seen it on a compilation.

dickvandyke said...

Vaguely recall this. Crackerjack woulda covered it at the time Mick! Although I'm not sure it's 'Bubblegum' as such. More like Gimme Some Lovin' meets The Doors in a skunkweed haze.

Mick said...

Dick (or can I call you Tony?),
For some reason after all these years one part of a Crackerjack end of show play from the early 70s still sticks in my memory:

Set in a desert:-
Peter Glaze: "What’s that?"
Leslie Crowther: "That’s my horse."
Peter Glaze: "What’s his name?"
Leslie Crowther: "He hasn’t got one!"

I bet you can’t guess what song came next…

Any road, despite the sound I contend that Crazy Elephant qualifies as a bubblegum band because they were purely a Kasenetz/Katz studio concoction. In my mind I’ve always filed it in the same category as Tommy James & the Shondells’ ‘Mony Mony’.

dickvandyke said...

Tis a fair point Mick. The band name qualifies for sure.

My mum used to sing "Tony Tony" to me (a la Shondells) by the way. (Dunno why, when my name is Dick!)

Mick said...

Well it is confusing with your multiple identities.

The Wolfmen said...
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Davy H said...

I might add that the Velvet Underground wrote a number of excellent pop tunes, but that would be churlish. Never liked bubblegum, was always more of a Wrigleys boy x

Planet Mondo said...

Mick - That's it sorted for Friday then, trust me - the Velvets buff up
a treat topped off with some pop gloss...

Mick said...

Tee-Hee, just being a bit “Mick” there. I quite like a bit of VU but I do find their records don’t match the music journo’s hyperbole (see also Nick Drake, The Clash, Jesus & Mary Chain, Arctic Monkeys...God I’m at it again)

Happy Birthday to Mrs H

So It Goes said...

Bloody hell! I'd forgotten about this one...nice one, Mick.

Anonymous said...

Belatedly, just a bit of info on Crazy Elephant. As you rightly said they were a studio creation by Kasenetz-Katz and following the success of 'Gimmee Gimmee Good Lovin''a group was concocted to take it on the road, as you may remember fronted by Larry Laufer.After the singles 'Sunshine Red Wine'(well worth posting incidently) and 'There's a Better Day A-Coming',a 45 called 'There Ain't No Umbopo'written and sung by Godley and Creme was released under the Crazy Elephant moniker in 1970 (they also recorded 'Sausalito' as Ohio Express in late '69). I have the Crazy Elephant CD released by Repertoire which covers the groups entire output most of which is firmly entrenched in the Bubblegum genre, but none the worse for that.

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Davy H said...

The words 'fuck', 'off' and 'spammer' come to mind.

Will you post something tonite Michael?

We're out tomorrow for Mrs H Ma's 80th birthday, so I need your good vibes now (no prog, obviously) x

Davy H said...

Damn. The bugger's 'offline'. What now?