Wednesday, 10 March 2010

1980 Single of the Week

What with 1980 being 30 years ago now (can you believe that?) this is a cunning plan I’ve come up with to ensure I do at least one post every week. I considered doing this a few years back with 1978 singles and in a way I regret not doing it. It would have been an interesting mix of new and old wave music. By 1980 I was firmly in the new wave camp but I wasn’t about to give up on all my old favourites so this series may throw up a few singles which will shock and appal you.

I’m going to start, however, with the sort of single you would expect to find here; a double-A from Fad Gadget AKA Frank Tovey. Fireside Favourite got far more plays due to its brassy synth and funny lyric. Actually the way it mixes sexual imagery with a description of a nuclear explosion was probably meant to be disturbing but it appealed to my sense of humour at the time. We always sang along with the ‘now we’re just a scab on a piece of wire’ line near the end back in my house sharing days.

Insecticide is life from a fly’s perspective. Probably the reason I favoured the other side.

Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourite (1980)
Fad Gadget - Insecticide (1980)


Mondo said...

Very much looking forward to this - I know the name Fireside Favourites so well, but not the tune at all. Sounds like a Kids TV theme meets Syd Barret and The Divine Comedy..

And check this for mags from the same-ish era

Kippers said...

Capital idea, Mr Mick!

Mick said...

Hopefully you've heard it by now. I've got some old ZigZags that I might use for future posts. I did one here two years ago.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope you feel the same when I start posting records'll just have to see.

darkdance said...

Better on this one. My fave is "Luxury" which he actually released under his own name a few years later in hopes of recognition. And now he's dead.