Friday, 12 March 2010

Another cheesy Friday treat

Remember that song I posted last week that was cheesy, saucy, raunchy, sexy etc? Well I didn’t intend it to turn into a series but I’ve got an even better record from the same year which is all that and has the Talkbox guitar. Hard to believe this record was almost a guilty secret tucked away in my odds & sods box. It sounds like an absolute classic now.

Fox - S-S-S-Single Bed (1976)

There’s a brilliant TOTP performance here. I just watched it with my 6-year old who’s off school today and he says it’s rubbish

I’ve got one more Talkbox classic from 1976 that I want to share. It’s by a male artist, it’s not as sexy and cheesy as Dr Kiss Kiss and S-S-S-Single Bed but it’s funky and urgent. Any ideas?


twopalmtrees said...

Dr. Kiss Kiss and then this! You're spoiling us.... Yep, I share your guilty pleasures and today's post immediately catapulted me to the land of flaired cordurey trousers. The clothes were terrible - the music was sheer class (if a bit cheesy). Can't wait for the next installment.

Mick said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of cheese but there really was no excuse for some of those clothes.

Mondo said...

Love this track I could imagine Goldfrapp doing a cover..I think I've got another tune by them on my K-Tel Disco Stars comp.

Other bloke - Leo Sayer? Are you posting today - I'm out tonight so will have to wait 'til tomorrow

Kippers said...

Ooh, I really like that. Thanks for sharing, guv!

Is that Kid Jensen on bass, by the way? ;)

davy h said...

It's a 70s thrift shop Goldfrapp! Weird.

Mick said...

As Roy Walker would say "Leo Sayer's good but it's not right."

A comment on Youtube says "I love watching the facial expressions of the blonde bloke. He cracks me up." It's a good tip.

I think even thrift shops would reject those clothes.

BTW there's a remix of the new Goldfrapp single going free on Amazon. I downloaded it yesterday but haven't had a chance to listen to it.

davy h said...

Top tip Michael, ta. Have the original versh already - is rather jolly.

davy h said...

Oh yes - t'remix is lovely...even more Moroderesque.

Peewit said...


You have just caused me to waste two hours of my life on You Tube watching cheesy 70s and 80s TOTP performances. Damn but they brought back memories. Pan's people anyone?

Mick said...

Oops! Sorry about that. Any you'd like to recommend? You know you're in trouble when you start enjoying Boney M clips. My kids love 'em. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.