Tuesday, 2 March 2010

To Heaven A Jet

This is another of those ‘can’t believe I haven’t already posted this’ posts. I was saving it for a planned series of posts on Bill Nelson’s Cocteau records but realistically any series of posts just isn’t going to happen.

I know nothing about To Heaven A Jet. They didn’t even get to play on both sides of this single. The b-side was credited to Revox Cadets which was actually a Bill Nelson pseudonym and can be heard on one of my previous posts. Airfields has the characteristic cold and synthy sound of its era and went the way of most Bill Nelson productions, ie sank without trace, but we love this sort of record round these parts.

To Heaven A Jet - Airfields (1981)


davy h said...

I'm amazed at some of the stuff you've got: I mean, I've never heard of it; I liked(d) to think I was, you know, in sync with the pop zeitgeist or whatever, but really, you were in a different place altogether. This blog is back on track!


Jinxed it).

Mick said...

Is that your polite way of saying this blog has been shit lately?

davy h said...

Sheesh. You pay him a compliment and -

Mick said...

OK Thank you. The clues to the reason I have this particular record are 'Produced by Bill Nelson' and 'Cocteau Records' but I am particularly proud of the late 70s/early 80s part of my music collection. It was a period when I took lots of chances, particularly with singles, but also bought a fair bit of chart material. It was just my time.

davy h said...

And 'shit lately' no - but you did have a long period of time when you posted nothing at all/had no stylus, etc, whereas you've now posted in short succession a number of unusual things thoroughly consistent with your original 'brand values'. Is what I meant.