Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Raiding the proggy archive

It’s been a while since I pissed people off by indulging in my penchant for progressive rock (of the symphonic kind). All you conscientious objectors will have to be patient and you will be duly rewarded with something special on Friday.

The concept of this record is brilliant; a medley of The Dambusters March and Land of Hope & Glory on a blue vinyl record that resembles the RAF symbol. The actual execution of the medley doesn’t totally work for me but there are lots of things to enjoy: The proggy guitar overture at the start, the Dambusters March, the playful segue with its snippet of The Sailors Hornpipe and the final few chords are all great but the Land of Hope & Glory part is like a sample from Last Night of the Proms and all that flag waving shit, which is the point of course but I just hate that song.

I’ve actually always prefered the b-side which is a lovely version of The Skyeboat Song.

The Enid - Dambusters March/Land Of Hope & Glory (1979)

The Enid - The Skyeboat Song (1979)


davyh said...

Execrable, on every level. Please make it stop.

BrotheRay said...

Have to agree that 'The Skyeboat Song' is the better option here...beautiful piece of music,far too good for the jocks.

As an unashamed Progtastic Prog fan myself,I have to say The Enid never really got on my Radar.
Give the guys some Steve Hillage Man.

davyh said...

I've one of my heads coming on.

darkdance said...


darkdance said...

The haggis is in the fire. Bonnie Prince Charlie is after you for posting that b side cover sans lyrics. His spectre came to me and begged of me what about this Enid. All I told him was that it's dine spelled backwards.

Mick said...

I do wish Davy would not beat about the bush and say what he really thinks. Abd Raymond a little more political correctness from you wouldn't go amiss.

You will all be pleased to know I am a man of my word and there really will be something special tomorrow.

BrotheRay said...

Michael,is it not you who perpetuates the term 'sweaty sock'?

I of course use my term affectionately.I urge all on here to go to Youtube and listen to Runrigs' 'Hearts of Olden Glory'.Sends shivers up my spine and there's nobody more English than me.
For such a small country their contribution to music is quite amazing.

darkdance said...

Mick (Michael Sweaty Sock), I think you're overdue for another sibling rivalry post.

I read on Wikipedia awhile ago that a part of The Enid were in fact Kim Wilde's uncredited studio backup band on her first LP with "Kids In America" that was a huge hit everywhere except America. Could it be true? I'll be having one of Davy's heads if so.

Peewit said...

Only just caught up with my blog reading so imisse dthis when you first posted.

I'm with you on this one. The Enid were (are they are still touring) probably what most people hated about prog rock. Overblown synths being played by a fat man who couldn't sing (check out the Something wicked this way comes album if you don't beleive me) Yet I love them. I saw thenm 20 odd times whilst at Uni whilst also going to gigs by the Stranglers the Lemon kittens, Teardrop Explodes U2 and the Boomtown Rats

BrotheRay said...

Yes Peewit,I should imagine seeing them in a classic Uni alcoholic haze with a carefully concealed splif would be the best way of appreciating them.
Just can't understand why anybody would want just a tiny piece of their vinyl in their home.

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