Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another request (sort of)

This is for Paul who left a comment on my Bethnal post to the effect that a Friday disco workout would be welcome. I haven’t had one of those for a while but for reasons that will become apparent this one had to wait for a Saturday.

This is one of the five disco 12 inchers I got from a charity shop back in February. It’s my 2nd favourite but it’s also the one in least good condition. This was obvious at the time but with Norma Jean Wright from Chic singing and Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards producing there’s no way I was leaving it there.

Norma Jean - Saturday (Remix) (1978)

According to the label it’s 129 B.P.M. for those who care about such things.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Mick, had me dancing round the kitchen, beer in hand.

A classy song and a nice early example of verbing a noun (I can't wait to disco).

After listening I wish I was going out 'to meet the guys and gals, who are all my pals' .....ah well, a couple of cold beers and some great home Italian food probably suit me more these days than throwing some shapes.

Is it my imagination or does funk and soul feature more references to Friday, Saturday or the weekend than any other genre.



Mick said...

Definitely not your imagination.

davyh said...

Thanks, never heard this. Some melodic variation in the chorus wouldn't go amiss. I'd cross any road to hear Bernard's bass, mind.

Mick said...

Fair comment. If you select any part of the song it sounds pretty much the same. There's a nice Chic-ness about it though.

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