Friday, 17 December 2010

Random Friday

Welcome to my second random record day, where you choose the music. I’m going to post them in the order I received your numbers.

Kippers chose 86:
Eurythmics – Never Gonna Cry Again (1981)
I was quite a Tourists fan and had both of their LPs so this first Eurythmics single was eagerly awaited by me. I was quite disappointed at the time, considering it not to be electronic enough and I only bought it from the bargain bin some weeks later. Now I think it’s pretty good. Not up there with Love is A Stranger but I like Conny Plank’s production, the metronomic beat and the instrumental break in the middle. Annie Lennox is quite restrained, too restrained I thought at the time but considering her occasional tendency to go over the top I now consider it a well judged performance.

Simon chose 57:
Bananarama – Aie a Mwana (1981)
It’s easy to forget that Bananrama were quite a hip band in their early days. Originally recorded under this title by Black Blood, this is a great record actually recorded as a demo according to Wikipedia. It’s sung in Swahili which the girls had to learn phonetically. Oh, and of course Keren Woodward was hot.

Mondo chose 16:
Spandau Ballet – The Freeze (1981)
I’ve cheated a bit on this one. As fine as this single is I had to dig out my 12-inch version. In fact this is the ‘Special Mix’ featured on Side 2 of the 12-inch. It’s six and a half minutes long and the finest version of this song you’ll ever hear. However unhip this view might be Spandau Ballet were bloody great at their best.

DavyH chose 33:
Malcolm McLaren – Duck For The Oyster (1983)
I knew I had Buffalo Gals and Madam Butterfly but I totally forgot about this one. It all came flooding back when I put it on. An energetic and fun novelty record and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way.

DickVanDyke chose 7:
Tom Tom Club – Under The Boardwalk (1982)
I’m not generally a fan of cover versions this one gets it right. Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz & Co update the old Drifters classic and make it their own.

DarkDance chose 51:
Fashion – Silver Blades (1980)
And I’m glad he did. The final single by the original line-up of Fashion. If I was a bit disappointed with this at the time it’s only because I was comparing it to the outstanding Steady Eddie Steady, Citinite and Product Perfect LP. Taken on it’s own merits it’s a good example of Fashion’s trademark reggae influenced sound.


davy h said...

What an excellent post! You should do this every month.

My track = crazy.

Mick said...

I don't even post every month.

davy h said...


Kippers said...

Gawd, I'd forgotten all about Duck For The Oyster. That's also reminded me of the Barron Knights doing a Malcolm McLaren spoof around about the same time (which, at the age of about 12 or something, I found ineffably hilarious).

But at the risk of causing an echo in here, excellent stuff!

Mondo said...

Bingo - another winner from the RTVA record library. Spandau's 12"s at their best (Pre-True), were almost as good as Soft Cell's

Simon said...

A bumper pick, all great!

Mick said...

Glad you all like it. I may make the next one a 12-inch special.

darkdance said...

Thanks, Mick, and happy holidays to you and your family and your girlfriends without whom you could go random instead of condom every Friday. Excellent post!... with an ecclectic mix of cool music, informative comments, and fine rips. What brand/model of turntable and software are you using? We're thinking of getting some equipment to rip all these rare promo-only 12" singles that M has been quietly stealing on eBay and that J discovered when the pile of them fell out of the hall closet a few days ago. Nobody was injured in the accident or the ensuing discussion.

Mick said...

A nice comment from Darkdance! You OK?

I'm using a Dual 505 turntable and feeding into the sound card via the pre-amp stage of my Arcam Alpha 7 amp. the software is Audacity.

I think I get slightly better results using Spin Doctor but I have a couple of issues with it. I could also do with a better sound card.

darkdance said...

Thanks for your concern and the technical info. As for me, I think it must be a seasonal disorder. As for you, you have a good rig. No wonder I can hear the dirt on your records. We have a killer sound card on our newer 'puter, but we'll probably start out with a rather more downscale usb setup come the time.

BTW, the Fashion track is ok, but we love the Bananarama track. It was a big hit in the clubs at the time. And I had forgotten all about it.

BrotheRay said...

Is it just me or is that Bananarama track crap.

Mick said...

It's just you ;)

dickvandyke said...

As young Mr Grace would say, "You've all done very well".

Anyone remember The Undertones versh of Under The Boardwalk?

BrotheRay said...

Sorry,but I'm a music lover :-7