Friday, 18 March 2011

Extended Sprout

I don’t know about you but after a miserable Friday where I’ve got caught in the rain and somehow got my feet soaking wet so that my toes still itch like mad I like to relax too the extended version of the opening song on Prefab Sprout’s best album*.

Part of me thinks this should be a bonus track on the ‘Jordan: The Comeback’ CD but 'Doo-Wop in Harlem' finishes the album so perfectly it would be vandalism to put anything after it. Guess that’s why they invented 2-disc sets.

Prefab Sprout - Looking For Atlantis (Extended Version) (1990)
or if that doesn't work try:
Prefab Sprout - Looking For Atlantis (Extended Version) (1990)
Ripped from the 12-inch single

*A contentious statement I know but it’s my favourite and it’s my blog.


dickvandyke said...

I knew a Phillipa once. She was from Coventry, had long black hairs on her nipples and looked like a Moose.

davyh said...

The last three times I have gone to download this I have been obstructed by a pop-up ad for the National Accident Helpline. And I haven't had an accident! (er....yet). Would you consider moving to x

davyh said...

OK, as you were - got it 4th Time Around, as Bobby D might say - ta.

Mick said...

What a surpise to hear from you after all this time. To be fair I think all girls from Coventry are like that.

I like Boxnet because you can listen without downloading but do I have to pay for it?

davyh said...

Nope! And I nearly put both those things in my comment! (But frankly, even bored myself).

Mick said...

OK - Watch this space.

And let me know what you think of this mix. Isn't the start great?

darkdance said...

Mick, you no doubt got your feet wet because you were playing in puddles.

Like boy Davy, I am having difficulty getting your download to work. Perhaps it is the super full moon due in today. But not to worry as I found the extended version in question in my digital archive (I can't remember them all anymore) and I agree it is one PS's best efforts. I didn't know your vinyl archive went as late as 1990.

Mick said...

You're pretty much right about the archive. I bought LPs up to 1988 then switched to CD except for the odd bargain bin purchase.

Singles, which were always my favourite format, started tailing off in the mid 80s and dried up about 1991. Never did get into CD singles - they just seemed wrong.

If I find time I'll upload to

darkdance said...

If I find time, you say? This from a man with the leisure to play in puddles and then blog about it.

I agree about singles and I'm still adjusting to cd's. The sound on many cd's is normalized to the point of sounding like sh*t. Only louder.

darkdance said...

I think I like Does this mean we all owe Davy a drink for the suggesting it? No wait, never mind. He's too young.