Thursday, 24 March 2011


I was just explaining to young Darkdance how the Vinyl Archive’s singles collection dried up around 1991 (in the comments on my last post) but there are one or two later ones. Last summer I bought seven relatively obscure mid 90’s singles from a charity shop. I’d never heard any of them but they were well looked after and apparently from the same collection so I thought they deserved a good home. I put them in a cupboard (the wife’s wardrobe actually) and forgot about them so they only got their first play last weekend.

By far the best of the bunch was This Is For Real by David Devant & His Spirit Wife – a brilliantly rowdy catchy pop-rock Britpop type of record.

David Devant & His Spirit Wife - This Is For Real (1997)

The other records, which may be featured sometime in the future, were by Jetpak, Ladies Who Lunch, Chopper, Blew, Idlewild, Cake and The Auteurs. OK the last three aren’t obscure but I’m not familiar with their recordings. The Auteurs record is a one sided single that I believe was given away with one of their LPs


Kippers said...

For what it's worth, I can heartily recommend Cake & The Auteurs. Idlewild had their moments too.

Did you ever hear David Devant's 'Ginger'? Think I've still got that on 7" somewhere.

Anyway, steady on Mick, you'll be blogging about the latest releases at this rate! :)

Mick said...

I know, I'm turning into a right trendy bugger, aren't I? The Auteurs song is my 2nd fave. The Cake record is a cover of I Will Survive do hard to judge the band on that. Can't remember what the Idlewild one sounded like. Ladies What Lunch (on pink vinyl) is most likely to be featured next.

Mick said...

...and I haven't heard David Devant's 'Ginger' either. Don't really care about his private life (arf!). Never actually heard of him/them before this record but might well invest in a CD.

dickvandyke said...

Stormin into recent hit parade history. Mick keeps it real with some diirty tunes .. or summat.

Last singles I remember buying may have been around that time too. Changingman, Hard To Handle and such like. (Mindst you, I have bought a few since - then whilst pissed. Hence I have no recollection whatsover of whence they came from. ((Hence and whence in one sentence - perchance I hail from 1791 or spent the night with one of the Brontes?)) (((That Bromwell is a reet rough-arsed mutton-chopped workshy fop))).

dickvandyke said...

Sorry Michael .. been on the ale.

You'll be wishing I refrained from commenting here again!

Mick said...

No, even pseudo georgian ponces are welcome here.

darkdance said...

The young one likes it. Let's hear the others.

James Foster, who played in The Monochrome Set in the mid 80's, was in this group. Or perhaps he was the group.

Mick said...

Glad you like it. Some of the others will appear here in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi check out “Life on a Crescent” by David Devant and His Spirit Wife, my all-time favorite!
Wished they had made it to the USA, would loved to have seen them, they’re so cool and Kooky