Friday, 11 March 2011

Two from 1981

Been meaning to post these since I started the blog but I’ve never been sure what to say about them. I know very little about Hambi & The Dance (except they’re from Liverpool) and I can’t claim either of these are lost classics but they are nice examples of early 80s slightly arty, slightly synthy music, though not electronic enough for me at the time which is why I never bought any more after these.

Too Late To Fly The Flag is the more obvious single (reminds me of Teardrop Explodes) but if you give it a few listens L'image Craqué is the better song.

Hambi & The Dance – Too Late To Fly The Flag (1981)
Hambi & The Dance - L'image Craqué (1981)

Guitar & Vocals: Hambi Haralambous
Drums: Les Hughes
Bass: Gary Johnson (later of China Crisis)
Guitar: Steve Lovell
Back-up vocal: Jaqui


Mondo said...

You're right Mick, sort of Teardrop Explodes meets Altered Images but also some The The. Second one you can hear more Bunnymen - sort of..

Don't know them at all. I'll have to consult this for more info

Mrs M piped up - 'sounds like The Smiths'

Mick said...

I just scanned the index of that book and I don't think they are in there but bizarrely Haircut 100 are!

So It Goes said...

Hi Mick, hope you're well. I know I gaven't posted anything this year, but thanks for not taking me off your blogroll, as two other people we both know have done. Take care mate.

Mick said...

Steve, Great to hear from you. Don't worry you're on my blogroll for keeps.

I haven't been giving this blog the attention it deserves but i intend to at least post every Friday so don't be a stranger.

BrotheRay said...

I'm hearing a frisson of Icicle Works in here...almost found myself launching into 'Love Is A Wonderful Colour'.

Mick said...

I can see where you're coming from but this isn't in the same league as Ian McNabb and co.

By the way did you know The Icicle Works took their name from a short story by Frederik Pohl?

BrotheRay said...

Yes,I would agree there is a hint of 2nd Division here playing above themselves.
Was aware of the Icicle Works coming from a Science Fiction story,but not the Pohl connection.Might even have read it way back.although he wasn't among my favourite authors.
Asimov,Aldiss and Heinlien,now yer talkin'.

darkdance said...

I have finally decided that these songs sound like "Second Empire Justice" (LP) period Blitz (band). Except that the drummer in that incarnation of Blitz managed to keep the beat going all the way through the songs instead of having to rest so often. Like Ray said....

The most interesting thing about Hambi and The Dance is all the people who played with Hambi at one time or the other. Read all about it at