Friday, 25 March 2011

Stranger Than Fiction

Another from my seemingly, and in fact almost literally, endless pile of early 80s New Wave/postpunk/synthpop/electronic records.

Stranger Than Fiction - Losing You (1980)

Steve Kennett: vocals + guitars
Stewart Kennett: percussion
Norman Pearce: bass
Sean Mckernan: Moog + ARP strings

Produced by Bill Nelson

Might add the b-side later.


Mondo said...

How funny that's the second time Bill Nelson's name has come up today - sort of a Red Noise Day..I wonder if XTC heard it - really reminds me of this

Mick said...

It's possible but I always thought 'The Meeting Place' was Syd Barrett influenced.

Bill Nelson is playing a special ITV Legends concert tomorrow and I really should be there but I couldn't justify the nearly £200 ticket price.

BTW How did Bill's name come up the first time?

Mondo said...

Blow that's steep - and I thought Adam Ant charging 50 or 75 a ticket for club size gigs was ambitious.

Bill's name popped up on Twitter around here-ish @HakanStone

Mick said...

The price was set by ITV, not Bill, and it includes a champagne reception, your name on the credits of the TV show and DVD, a copy of the DVD and the chance to meet Bill. But nearly £200 was just too steep.

darkdance said...

You could have afforded the £200 if you hadn't spent so much money in your youth buying obscure records. I'm with Mondo on this one. This band sounds like a mix of XTC and Bill Nelson's Red Noise. With ARP strings whatever they are. What's doing on the b-side? I see that the b-side made it onto a couple compilation albums back in the day, so I'm wondering if it might be worthy of our consideration.

I see that you've managed five posts this month in spite of my comments. Well done.

Mick said...

Well there was a bit of XTC in Bill's Red Noise era as we all know. If you don't know what ARP strings are you haven't listened to enough progressive rock ;)

I've committed myself to at least post every Friday with hopefully something a little different in between.

Re Bill's Legends concert the problem wasn't being able to afford it as much as justifying it. I would have gone for £100. Even so I spent last night getting drunk, moaning and listening to old BBD records.

Keef said...

Hail Your Mickship,
Fancy takin' a look at my own rockin' rock music blog where I dive down into the obscure sock drawer of rock If you like what you see howza 'bout givin' my site a reference on your blog and I'll do the same for yours. I got to you thru Ripple Effect where both our groovy blogs are listed.
May your stylus gather no dust,

darkdance said...

Mick, I'm not sure what you mean about moaning. Were you alone? In any event, it sounds like you had a perfectly fine evening for an old gentleman living in a country manor house with vinyl records stashed in every nook and cranny including your wife's wardrobe. Personally, I can't fathom being a legend in my own time and still performing or feeling comfortable performing for an audiance that had to pay obscene prices for tickets.

Thanks for the lead about arp strings. I had forgotten about ARP Instruments as my first synth toy was a Moog. Moogs were cheaper and less complicated to use.

Mick said...

I'll be glad to give your blog a shout - always ghappy to support a fellow blogger.

Your depiction of my lifestyle is uncannily accurate.

Re the Legends show the old boy himself was uncomfortable with the concept and being defined by music he made 30 years ago (a condition of the show). See Comments on his website for details.