Monday, 20 August 2007

Fashion MK I

On 30th May 1979 I was very excited because I was going to the Southampton Gaumont to see The Tubes “plus special guests” Squeeze. The Tubes were promoting their Remote Control album (their finest hour) and Squeeze were enjoying success with the Cool For Cats album, which included their latest single, the brilliant Up The Junction. This was surely going to be a memorable night.

Well, it was but not quite in the way I imagined. In short, Squeeze didn’t appear. I believe they were recording a Top Of The Pops appearance that night, but it’s possible they didn’t play on the tour at all. In their place was Fashion. There was a fair amount of discontent in the audience when these three strange looking people came on stage and started playing a punk/reggae/electro hybrid, and just how would you describe that vocal style? I’m not going to try, listen to the mp3 at the bottom of the page.

I, of course, was disappointed too, but there was something compelling about this band. At this stage they consisted of singer/guitarist Luke (Luke James) who was very tall (6ft 9in according to one internet source), bass/synth player Mulligan (John Mulligan) and drummer Dik (Dick Davis). This line-up released three singles and one album on their own Fashion Music label to critical acclaim, but they were never going to find a mainstream following. I have all of these records and they will all be featured at some point in the future. Let’s start with the first single Steady Eddie Steady, as good an example of their sound as you are likely to find, although some of their songs have more synthesiser. This is one of those love it or hate it records, which is a sign of a band taking chances.

Single discography:
Steady Eddie Steady
Silver Blades
There is also an import single, The Innocent, not on the Fashion Music label (I’ve got this too)

Product Perfect

After the release of Silver Blades there were line-up changes and Fashion MK 2 was born, but that’s for another post.

mp3: Fashion - Steady Eddie Steady


iain said...

...great stuff :)
And I like Fashion MK 2 as well, have you got the 12" of "Move On"?

Mick said...

Yes I've got that one, Iain. Side A: "Move On Audi Extra", Side B: "Mutant Dance Move".

Haven't got round to converting them yet, but I'll give you a shout when I do.

Luke Sky said...

Hello -thanks very much for the article and comments - this is (6'9) Luke from Fashion - that was a great night with The Tubes - I seem to remember picking a fight with 2,000+ people - as in "we're not Squeeze, we're Fashion and if you don't like it, I'll see you all in the car park after the show."
Anyway, I've re-released the first album Product Perfect on CD and recorded a new one if anyone's interested. There's also a memoir out next month called Stairway To Nowhere. Thanks for caring!