Wednesday, 8 August 2007

You choose...

After The Adverts split T.V. Smith formed T.V. Smith’s Explorers and added synthesisers to the mix, creating a more post-punk sound.

They released four singles:
Tomahawk Cruise November 1980
The Servant April 1981
Have Fun June 1981
Perfect Life October 1981

and one album:
Last Words Of The Great Explorer June 1981

Here’s one from The Adverts and one from T.V. Smith’s Explorers:

mp3: The Adverts - No Time To Be 21
mp3: T.V. Smith's Explorers - Tomahawk Cruise

Buy The Adverts here or check the T.V. Smith website to buy solo CDs.


John said...

Thanks for those, Mick! They're both good, but "Tomahawk Cruise" gets my vote.

Mick said...

Agreed! You've probably gathered I'm more of a post punk kind of guy.

So It Goes said...

Adverts! they DID release something other than 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes'!!! and it's great!!!! Thank you.

So It Goes said...

'Cruise' is a gem too. Was T.V. Smith really his name (he says, with tongue in cheek)?