Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Suffer The Children

I see from the Post Punk Progressive Pop Party that it’s Roland Orzabal’s birthday. Happy 46th Roland. By way of celebration here is the single version of Suffer The Children from 1981. This would have made a good bonus track on the re-issue of The Hurting but for some reason it wasn’t.

mp3: Tears For Fears - Suffer The Children (1981 single version)


iain said...

I remeber getting that in Watford Market, sometime just after it cam out. It cost me about 50p, then a few years later, when TFF were stars, it was worth LOADS of money. I should have sold it: it's probaly worth about 50p again now :(

Mick said...

Tell me about it. I got two mcopies of the Joy Division flexi disc thinking I would make a fortune one day, but they sell on ebay for a couple of pounds.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many songs of yours are down? I have just discovered your blog and wish I could download them, e.g. this Tears For Fears song!! Wolfgang

Mick said...

Hi Wolfgang,
I deleted some links to save bandwidth but I have restored this one for you. Let me know if there's anything else you particularly want.

darkdance said...

This band's first 12" was, as the story goes, rat-holed in its remix version by the band because of the very politically incorrect subjectmatter--the abuse of unwanted children. The song did not fit in with their later pop-friendly stuff. Great to finally find an mp3 of the remix version of the improper song now. I danced my ass off to it at the time. So did many others.

I am not sure if it is true, but the child's voice on this track is supposedly that of one of the band member's kids. The kid on the picture sleeve, perhaps. The sleeve was originally printed in black and blue. You evidently a reissue.

Many thanks for another fine addition to my little mp3 collection.

Anonymous said...

Please reupload this gem somewhere! The server is down for good.