Friday, 24 August 2007

Puppet Life

So, August Bank Holiday. That means Reading Rock Festival. I only went to Reading twice: 1979 and 1980. ’79 was quite varied and enjoyable, but 1980 was the first of several years where they concentrated on heavy metal (the so called New Wave of British Heavy Metal was the latest fad in some quarters) and was therefore, um, shite!

One band I was looking forward to seeing 28 years ago(!!!) was Punishment Of Luxury. I already had several singles by them, don’t think the album had been released yet but I could be wrong. The critics hated Punishment Of Luxury, never sure why. I think they suspected they were “hippies” (a big insult at the time) jumping on the punk/new wave bandwagon, and the fact their LP seemed to have a loose concept of a near future dystopian Britain didn’t help (I always picture droogs when I hear British Baboon). Hardly a crime you might think, but those were strange times and you know what music critics are like. Mojo even included their Laughing Academy album in their Lance Corporal Nutmeg feature in 1996.

The first Punishment Of Luxury single was Puppet Life on Small Wonder records and is currently available on Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1. In case you’re wondering, the gibberish after the voice says “You Will!” is the Lord’s Prayer in reverse. I did the whole spinning the record backwards thing years ago. Just to prove this blog goes the extra mile I am also including the b-side The Demon.

mp3: Punishment of Luxury - Puppet Life
mp3: Punishment of Luxury - The Demon
More Punilux to be featured in the future.

This has been a BWP (Blogging While Pissed) presentation. The kids are in bed and I have been writing this with the assistance of several bottles of Peroni.


So It Goes said...

Well I think they're bloody good, how can anybody listen to Wire or Gang Of Four and not like this?
By the way, my latest post on The Smiths was a BWPO (Blogging While Pissed Off) presentation: totally sober, just feeling underappreciated.

Mick said...

Don’t feel underappreciated (see messages under your Smiths post). In answer to your question, I think the answer is that there was always a suspicion that they were really “old wave”. I think the problem was with music journalists, not the band. A few years years later it wouldn’t have mattered.

twopalmtrees said...

Punilux! I'd completely and utterly forgotten about them. Thanks for bringing up some distant memories,,,,

Mick said...

No problem, and keep checking back because there will be more Punilux soon. I'll be featuring some of their excellent b-sides.

Palyniam said...

the best ever song by these were th one your missing.........."brainbomb"

Mick said...

I honestly thought I had posted Brainbomb. Check back in a day or so and it will be there.