Monday, 13 August 2007

White & Torch (or David Essex Showcase part 2)

One of the hits for this blog on Friday was a person from Pleasanton, California doing a Google search for White And Torch. My blog would have shown up on their search because I mentioned this duo in reply to a comment on my David Essex Showcase post. I hope this person searches again because they have given me the excuse I needed to post these songs.

I knew nothing about Roy White and Steve Torch except they were on the David Essex Showcase in 1982 singing Who’s Asking You and appeared to be a cross between the Righteous Brothers and David Bowie both visually and musically. I have literally just discovered that they were once members of Pink Military, a band who will be featured at a future date. I am, frankly, amazed by that revelation. I can’t imagine two more different styles. I was also surprised to discover they recorded a John Peel session in March 1984. You know, I haven’t featured these songs before because I thought nobody would be interested but maybe White and Torch are more hip than I realised.

mp3: White and Torch - Who's Asking You (1982)
A Walker Brothers style wall of sound ballad.

mp3: White and Torch - Bury My Heart (1984)
A more uptempo number with more typical 80’s production.


So It Goes said...

You know, I never saw the David Essex showcase, but knowing his style, I can understand why he booked these. It('Who's Asking You')'s actually quite an arresting and powerful song. I like songs that venture into the minor key. Nice discovery.
The other one's a bit more pedestrian fare but that guy still has a great voice.

Mick said...

Totally agree. There's also another single from 1982 called Parade that reached #54 on the UK chart but I haven't heard it. If I come across a copy I will post it.

Roy White said...

Hey guys, thanks for the nice comments. Was such a long time ago.
Check out That's where I'm at now. Haven't heard from Steve Torch for many years.

Roy White

Mick said...

Thanks for the comment, Roy. Glad you are still performing and great song on the myspace page.

Anonymous said...

Man you gotta check out the song Let's Forget is's pure class.john

buzzy63 said...

any one know where i can get white and torch in modern format?? have "parade" on vinyl... thought they were great,but vanished??

Mick said...

To the best of my knowledge White and Torch are only available on vinyl. I'm with you - I'd love to see them re-issued an CD.

phaota said...

Links are dead. Please reup the songs. Thanks.

Mick said...

Links fixed to this and White Door and Hypothetical Prophets.

Simon said...

Bit of a late comment; Steve Torch co-wrote Liars A-E with Dexys and Cher's Believe (amongst other songs) with Paul Barry (The Questions on Weller's Respond label)....

Mike said...

In the 80's I loved White & Torch after seeing them on David Essex Showcase & bought their first 5 singles ("Parade" was their finest) before they disappeared without releasing an album. Also loved Roy White's solo stuff. I have been searching for their stuff online & until this blog found no mention of them. It's great to see Roy is still in the business with his band The Truemen

ib said...


I came here via your comment on my Big in Japan post; I had no idea whatsoever re the White & Torch/Pink Military association.

Like a character in a Ray Davies' song, I merely "flitted from flower to flower like a butterfly".

Thanks for the sleuthing.

andrew.wass said...

i was wondering if White & Torch have a cd out

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge White and Torch released 3 singles(which I have) I also have The Peel session on an old tape, but sadly nothing to play it on now!

Richardpearson said...

I used White and Torch three times with different singles in BBC TV and thought they deserved major success. They had five singles out to the best of my knowledge:

Who's Asking You
Let's Forget

There was an unreleased album as well.
Don't know what happened to Steve Torch but Roy still performs with The Truemen and funnily enough I bumped into him an hour ago in T K Maxx! We'll be having a drink over the holiday as he and his partner have a holiday home near to me.

In my opinion Parade was the best of their output and deserved to be number one for about a hundred years!

Kathy Morris said...

Hey, found this site, when searching David Essex I'm going Home, [SWW, Slade, calibration] trying to put a year on it, in my collection.

I watched the DE Showcase and from the strength of 80s TV series, bought White & Torch Parade and since bought Let's forget. [both 7" singles in my vast collection].

Proud that DE was my first concert I attended in 1982, at the Odeon Birmingham. My taste includes: Jools Holland, Nazareth, Rush, Cliff, Darius, Sugar Mama, Atomic Kitten, Gerry McAvoys Band of Friends, SQ, King Pleasure & Biscuit Boys, Little Egypt, NYJO, Ramsey Lewis, Roy G Hemmings & Dict of Soul, TightFit, Shadows, Adam Ant.

Hate BGT, Xfac.