Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon…Now with added video

There are a few “my brush with fame” posts doing the round, so here’s my small contribution.

Having arrived early for a Kraftwerk concert in what was the Hammersmith Odeon back in 1981, I was looking around when Sal Solo walked down the aisle and sat in a seat a few rows behind me. Coincidentally, I had seen Classix Nouveaux just a few weeks before. I wondered whether to bother him, but since he was dressed in full stage gear I figured he was hardly incognito so I decided to say hello, making a point of saying I liked some obscure album track to prove I was a "true" fan. He was polite and patient and signed the back of my ticket (see above) so I went away happy. Not a great story but a good excuse to post a couple of tunes.

Here are both sides of an early Classix Nouveaux single. I remember these as being the highlight of their show:

mp3: Classix Nouveaux - The Robots Dance (1980) (Buy)

mp3: Classix Nouveaux - 623 (1980) (Buy)



The Vinyl District said...

Always loved "Guilty..."

Kippers said...

I love the fact that when he left the band he went (Sal) solo.

(but then I've always been very easily pleased.)

Mick said...

So did I so I've added the video.

You are Guilty of the worst pun to appear on these pages for several days (at least).

Kippers said...

Oh come on, it was much worse than that! ;)

Mick said...

Yes it was. I was being kind ;)

Kippers said...

Thanks. Just so as we're clear.

The Vinyl District said...

It's like the New Romantic Prom! Thanks for the flashback...