Thursday, 24 January 2008

The mini 90s CD rummage – Booth and the Bad Angel

Having read this blog I decided to have a mini rummage through my small CD single collection. CD singles never really took off in my house. It wasn’t the format but the price that put me off. It’s a shame because to this day I still think of the singles as the most important part of my record collection. I’ve got singles by groups whose albums I would never consider buying because even the unlikeliest bands could, however implausibly, come up with three minutes of magic. To me singles should cost between £1 and £1.50. Some CD singles were £3.99!!! That’s what I paid for most of my albums. It’s still only £1 less than I pay for most CDs now. All (usually) for one good version and three crappy remixes of the same song. If I’m coming across as a grumpy git it wasn’t like that, I just changed my priorities.

That long winded introduction explains why I only have 30-40 CD singles and most of them cheaper than average or from Woolies bargain bin. There are still a few good ones like this favourite from 1996, definitely not from the bargain bin:

mp3: Booth and the Bad Angel - I Believe (Edit)
mp3: Booth and the Bad Angel - IBelieve (LongVersion)
mp3: Booth and the Bad Angel - WhenYouSmiled

“Why be a song when you could be a symphony?” I always loved that line. I loved I Believe the first time I heard it and for me that line was the main hook. If anyone wants to write it off as 6th form poetry that’s fine - it works for me. Amazingly, I knew Angelo Badalamenti from his soundtracks but had no idea who Tim Booth was. Of course I had heard Sit Down by James, in fact I loved that song, but I hadn’t heard anything else by them and assumed they were one hit wonders. I certainly didn’t know Tim Booth was their singer. This will give you some idea how out of touch I was in the 90s.

Buy Booth and the Bad Angel here

Some more 90s CD single foraging, sorry rummaging, to follow in the coming weeks…


Davy H said...

Have you since listened to any James? I think you would like them, the earlier stuff especially.

Mick said...

I've heard some and quite liked it but never got round to investigating further. The time has never been quite right.

JC said...

I was the opposite - I knew it was Tim Booth on vocals the moment I heard the song, but had no idead that the collaborator was famous.

James are well worth checking out at all times of their career. One word of warning - avoid the LP'Seven'.

Mick said...

The one I almost bought several times but never quite did was Pleased To Meet You. Would that be a good place to start?

JC said...

It would be a reasonable place to start....but you could play it safe by picking up a cut-price copy of their original 'Best Of' CD and see what era appeals the most.

Oh and as I was just saying over at Davy's place, thanks for the idea to rummage. Just done it myself and it was fun.

Mick said...

Thanks, JC. All credit should go to Davy - he was the prime rummager.

Davy H said...

Oh stop it.

I remember 'Gold Mother' being mighy fine, not sure it's easily avialable now. Of the later ones I only know 'Laid' which is lovely.

Alan said...

Oh joy! I've been looking for this since Noah first felt drizzle on his beard. Thank you!

Maire said...

This is great info to know.

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