Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Artery Peel session

What were you doing on 15 February 1982? I was sitting next to my cassette deck, finger hovering over the pause button, recording an Artery session from the John Peel show. I am so pleased this tape has survived 26 years and several moves, and in pretty good condition too. Artery were part of the Sheffield scene that included the Human League, Cabaret Voltaire etc. (one of their many admirers was a young Jarvis Cocker). Although they originally split in 1985 they re-formed in 2007 for the ‘Meltdown’ festival, collated by Jarvis Cocker, and have released a live album available for download here. There is also talk of a new studio album.

mp3: Artery - The Ghost Of A Small Tour Boat Captain (1982)
mp3: Artery - Louise (1982)
mp3: Artery - The Slide (1982)
My favourite from the session. For you John Peel fans there’s a couple of seconds of his introduction that I decided to keep in.
mp3: Artery - The Sailor Situation (1982)

More Artery info can be found here and here.

Buy Artery CDs here


Davy H said...

Crikey, I never heard of this lot. Your Peel taping's a peg up on mine - sounds great. All this and childcare too? Impressive.

So It Goes said...

Have you by any chance got the session that includes 'Into The Garden', Michael? Nice to see this session make its appearance-thank you from another Peelite.

Mick said...

You, a Peelite? I never would have guessed :)

This is the only Artery session I have. It appears JP played the studio version of 'Into the Garden' on this night because it's on my tape just before the session.

Anonymous said...

Well, 27 years looking for a decent copy and I missed it here for 17 months! I was recording it too, but with the level near zero so my take came out barely audible. Many thanks for this, your copy's brilliant, and the session "Captain"s a long-lost all-time fave. It's bonkers that it's never been reissued.

dave p

Mick said...

You're very welcome Dave. I try to keep links to the more obscure stuff live as long as I can.

btzone said...

Any chance the links could be made live again? Currently they are set to private. I just watched the "Made in Sheffield" documentary and loved Artery's music in it and would like to hear more, thanks!