Thursday, 3 April 2008

He looks like Jesus and plays like God

You may have noticed I’m really a singles man but I had some of my LP boxes out last weekend and I’ve been listening non stop to these tracks since. You know how this blogging thing works – if I’ve been listening to it you have to. The headline above comes from a comment on a YouTube clip that amused me.

mp3: Steve Hillage - Unidentified (Flying Being) (1978)
From the Green album which got surprisingly good reviews from the punk obsessed music press at the time. The review I remember started ‘Steve Hillage is not a boring old fart (the standard NME insult at the time) because…’ and then went on to list reasons the gist of which was the band was really tight, with drummer Joe Blocker and bassist Curtis Robertson Jr being singled out for praise. This track will show you why and Steve plays like god too, but that would have been uncool to point out at the time. This is ripped from my lovely green vinyl copy.

mp3: Steve Hillage - Talking To The Sun (1979)
Originally found on the studio side of Live Herald. Now available on Open.

These songs are great and may surprise those who haven’t heard late 70s Steve Hillage but you will have to make allowances for some hippy dippy lyrics.


Peewit said...

I first saw Steve Hillage on Rock goes to College one Saturday evening. It must have been around the time that Green was released because he played 1988 Aktivator. I was blown away and went out and bought Live Herald which of course now is the only LP of his I don't have as I have gradually accumulated all of his work (Khan, Space Shanty, Gong and latterly System 7)The man is an unsung genius. Good on you for bringing him some wider attention

Mick said...

Thanks, Peewit. I was beginning to think nobody out there appreciated this. I am planning to post 1988 Aktivator with a relevent single one day.