Thursday, 24 April 2008

I don't want to be negative but it's not as good as The Photos

I found this Wendy Wu record in the box next to Gina X. It came from the same closing down sale, which judging by the date on the record was actually in 1982. It’s not a lost classic but should be of interest to any Photos fans. It’s a cover of the old Yardbirds hit For Your Love with archetypal early 80s production.

mp3: Wendy Wu - For Your Love (1982)


Planet Mondo said...

God this is nagging at my brain - I know it so well but don't know why. It's the sort of thing that would have cropped up on Annie Nightingale rather than Peel.

They didn't have the Mystery Girls in that box did they? I'm buzzing to get a copy (and Set The Tone - 'Dance Sucker')

PS have you checked the sidebar on PM there's a great track - Patrick D Martin 'I Like 'Lectric Motors' if you fancy grabbing it

Mick said...

I saw your wants list on your blog. The only one I've got is Blue Rondo's 'Klacto...'

That Patrick D Martin song is a good find. It's one that I missed at the time.

londonlee said...

Lord, I'd completely forgotten that I used to have The Photos' album. Almost completely forgotten they ever existed even.

They were sort of Blondie-ish weren't they?

So It Goes said...

Nice cover!

markosw16 said...

Been after this for donkey's years.You are a god.

Disco D said...

Can you re-post the link, please?
It is currently dead :(
Thank you!