Friday, 4 April 2008

Emotional Traffic

Fancied a bit of Stiff blog tennis after reading this post.

This is the sensational Rumour without Alex (or something)

I couldn’t resist scanning my lovely green vinyl copy.

mp3: The Rumour - Emotional Traffic (1979)


Davy H said...

Nice! Aren't you supposed to Be On An Anniversary though?

Mick said...

Quite right. The best we could manage was to pack the older two boys off to school and the younger one off to pre-school and then a little friend's house and spend the whole day kid free (bliss!).

We managed breakfast in bed, a nice meal and a walk in the sunshine...*sigh*

Now it's back to normal with the kids getting out of bed running around...Babysitters want danger money.

JC said...

Is there something a bit Freudian about a Stiff posting on your wedding anniversary??

Or have I just got a filthy mind????

Mick said...

It's your mucky mind but we did pack all the little ones off all day for a reason...

The Vinyl District said...

Good chuckle there from JC..,.

That's a gorgeous looking single there, Mick. The old Stiff label too...inspired!