Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Add some music to your day

I’m sure there are hundreds of blogs celebrating Brian Wilson’s 65th birthday today but I couldn’t let it pass without adding my contribution. The word genius is overused these days but in Brian Wilson’s case it is entirely justified. There have been several books written by people much more eloquent than me about it so I won’t even try to compete on that level. I’ll just let the music do the talking with four (almost) random selections.

mp3: Beach Boys - Kiss Me Baby stereo version of the classic Beach Boys Today track.

mp3: Beach Boys - Wonderful from the Smile sessions.

mp3: Beach Boys - Time To Get Alone Carl Wilson singing a Brian Wilson song - possibly the best combination in popular music.

mp3: Beach Boys - Til I Die

Buy Beach Boys and Brian Wilson here. Most of these albums are available for £5 if you shop around.

Be sure to check back on Friday when I will be celebrating the birthday of another musical hero.


Davy H said...

Good to have you as a fellow celebrant Mick.

More tracks at 'The Ghost Of Electricity' Brian fans! (and no duplicates with Mick's - although I came VERY close to posting the sublime 'Til I Die').

Anonymous said...

Another musical hero? Born on 22nd June? Now who might that be?

Aaah! The light- I've seen it.


Mick said...

Remember Ian (I know it's you) nobody likes a smart ass!!

Mick said...



I only just noticed that you actually signed your comment. But would you have known who it was without your inside information (ie me banging on about Todd for over 20 years)?

Anonymous said...

No. One of the many facts about Todd Rundgren that you've failed to imprint upon my brain over the past 20 years is his birthday.

BUT, when you mentioned musical heroes, it had to be either Todd or Bill Nelson, and you've 'done' Bill over the last few weeks.

Ten spare seconds plus the wonder of the internet - I did initially panic when Cyndi Lauper's name came up first - and bingo.