Tuesday, 5 June 2007


I’m in a good mood so I’m going to give you two great songs in one day and follow my Ken Lockie post with an excellent 1979 single from his band Cowboys International. The only way I could spoil you more is by buying you all Ferrero Rocher.

If you enjoy these tracks you should be able to get them here and here.
There's a short but informative wikipedia entry here.


Anonymous said...

super band; glad I own it at home.

darkdance said...

Super band, indeed. If I still 'fn owned their LP, I would upload it. But I sold my vinyl ten years or so ago (the collection was too big and too heavy to move long distance).

There is a CD retrospective of Cowboys International, but I have not stumbled upon it or mp3's from it anywhere.

Trivia note: Ken Lockie was much of the music and the background voice in Dominatrix. The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 12" single from 1984 was a huge hit (so to speak) in certain underground places. Remember, Mick?