Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Heaven help you now

I’ve mentioned before how I tend to group records (and CDs for that matter) by genre and feel. I never understood people putting them in alphabetical order, after all when did you last think “I must listen to something beginning with A”?

I only mention this because if you liked the last song (Fiat Lux) it was next to Heaven Help You Now by Paul Haig and they do have a similar feel, so featuring that song seems like the logical next step.

Paul Haig, of course, was formerly a member of Josef K. That band may be legendary and seminal but for my money this record is better than anything they ever did.

mp3: Paul Haig - Heaven Help You Now

Buy Josef K here and Paul Haig (who has just released a new CD) here


JC said...

And here was me thinking that Jacques the Kipper and myself were the only Paul haig fans kicking around.

The TVV cupboard contains 4 of his LPs....

Mick said...

That's what I like about the internet - however obscure your interest is there is always some-one else out there who shares it.

I thought I was the only Fiat Lux fan, them the internet comes along and I find there are others and some singles I didn't know about.

Pygar said...

Had the pleasure of seeing Paul Haig live a couple of months ago at the Billy MacKenzie tribute gig in London - Haig's first live appearence in 18 years!