Thursday, 4 February 2010

Out of print

I came across this when I was tidying my CDs the other day and thought I’d see if it had been reissued yet. It hasn’t and a 2nd hand copy from Amazon will set you back £54. Not bad for an impulse buy from a little shop in Redcar some 22 years ago. I bought this mainly because I liked the Beatle-esque single Keeping The Dream Alive - Beatle-esque nearly always does it for me. I haven’t played it for ages but I remember the rest of the CD having a sort of Beatles/Aha vibe which was fine with me at the time.

As I understand it the extended version of Keeping The Dream Alive is particularly sought after because it was only included in certain territories.

Freiheit - Keeping The Dream Alive (ExtendedVersion)*

Freiheit - Diana

*Performed with The London Symphony Orchestra and The Jackson Singers.


darkdance said...

It's not often that your friends don't comment, so I will. This one is really awful.

Mick said...

I didn't really expect this to appeal to my regular reader(s) but I thought it might attract a few Googlers. It's quite sought after in some circles.

darkdance said...

I've somehow managed to avoid those circles of refinement and taste. Cheers.