Friday, 12 February 2010

You can't be serious

I’ve been meaning to post this record by Robert Broberg from Sweden since I started the blog but I could never decide just what to say about it. Is it a novelty record or does he think he’s written an earnest song about dehumanisation or something? If so the very un-machinelike bleeps about a minute in and again near the end were a mistake unless the intention was to raise a smile.

Robert Broberg – I Wanna Be A Machine (1979)

As you can see it was pressed on futuristic clear vinyl.

On second thoughts it’s definitely tongue in cheek. Or is it? Can Mr Kippers, the blogospheres resident Swedish music expert shed any light on this?


Mondo said...

Don't know that one - but did have Patrick D Martin's I Like Lectric Motors on a similar theme.

Had UK Subs and Ultravox on clear vinyl

Mick said...

I've seen that Patrick D Martin one on the blogosphere and I can see the connection. I had an Ultravox clear vinyl single too - The Thin Wall I think. One of their best and largely forgotten singles.

Kippers said...

Coo, I've never been called as an expert witness before! Now someone who didn't have a clue what they were talking about - let's call them a layman - may try to bluff their way through here by looking up Robert Broberg's Wikipedia entry and then passing off what they found as their own words. But I'm not going to insul;t you by doing that. I looked on Last FM instead. Here's what it said:

Robert Broberg born on 2 juli 1940 in Råsunda, Solna, Stockholm. Is a Swedish singer, guitarist, composer, artist and one of Swedens most famous songwriters known for his gimmicky songwriting skills.

He started out in 1957 and has ever since been around making new songs and touring.

So there we have it, gimmicky songwriting skills indeed. The [prosecution (or am I the defence?. My mind's a bit addled if I'm honest) rests its case.

Good song though, Mick! Those Swedes even come up trumps when they're (probably) messing around.

Mick said...

Well, to be fair I did check Wikipedia but his entry wasn't in english. I think 'gimmicky songwriting skills' answers my question.

BrotheRay said...

Would I be right in thinking that maybe you and I are the only one's that bought this single.

Mick said...

I'm beginning to think so.

William said...

Is the file intentionally set to private on mediafire? I can't download it as it is.

Could you reactivate the download? Thanks a lot.

J_B_Tejas said...

Yes, please reset th' link to public - I gotta know what this sounds like!