Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday Soul – Betty Everett

Got this CD for £1 from my favourite charity shop on Wednesday. It’s a twofer containing her Love Rhymes (1974) and Happy Endings (1975) albums. Betty Everett is of course best known for The Shoop Shoop Song and a quick search of YouTube will display some northern soul stompers that show she could really belt them out. These two albums are much more laid back, especially Happy Endings with its lush Gene Page orchestrations.

The soulful Sweet Dan is the opener no Love Rhymes and I’m Your Friend is the funkiest this CD gets.

As a beach boys fan I had to check out her version of God Only Knows and I wasn’t disappointed. I have a theory it’s impossible to make a bad version of this song unless your name is David Bowie. Perhaps even better is the sumptuous Here’s The Gift.

From Love Rhymes:
Sweet Dan
I’m Your Friend

From Happy Endings:
Here’s The Gift
God Only Knows

P.S. Also got Wizard of Oz DVD for £1.50 and Odyssey Greatest Hits for £1


BrotheRay said...

I think you were overcharged on that Odyssey CD.

Mondo said...

She pops up on the Soul Cellar albums - I Can't Stand It is worth digging about for..

I'm Your Friend is properly funky - a mighty find.

Mick said...

Don't get me started on some of your acquisition over the years.

Don't know that one. I'll keep an eye out for it.

dickvandyke said...

Ooh Betty

Mick said...

Ooh you startled me leaving a comment after all this time. I almost did a woopsie.

dickvandyke said...

Sorry Mickie. Stealth mode. Been undercover. MI5 y'know. Been around, but you wouldn't have known. Trenchcoat and trilby. Leopard crawl my way under your wire. On your shoulder. Steal away into the night, see. Or don't see.