Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Chas Jankel

The brilliant Chas Jankel had the uncanny ability to supply just the right arrangement for Ian Dury’s unique voice. He’s also made some fine solo records. His first album included Ai No Corrida, a song that impressed Quincy Jones so much he covered it on his album The Dude.

109 is from his 1981 album Chasanova. I read earlier this year that this album was going to be re-issued but it hasn’t happened yet. The b-side, also from the album, is 3,000,000 Synths and can be heard on Chas’s Myspace page.

Chas will soon be touring the UK with The Blockheads to celebrate the 30th anniversary of New Boots and Panties.

mp3: Chas Jankel - 109

Buy Chas Jankel here.


Davy H said...

Another genius song, never heard.

It's why I come here.

Mick said...

I was just downloading your Ghost songs. Have you really downloaded and listened to this already?

Davy H said...

Yes - why?

Mick said...

It's just that it only seemed like I had only just finished the post and your email arrived. Maybe I blacked out, or there was a temporal shift. It could happen!

Davy H said...

Easily. That Jean-Luc Picard's always getting them. Mind you, your new Mediafire thingy sure is mighty fast and I might have to get me one.

Planet Mondo said...

Love the Chas track 'Pleased To Meet You' later reworked by Kitty Grant

So It Goes said...

Oh yes. Media Fire is the best.
Is it really 30 years???

Mick said...

Planet Mondo,
I think it was produced by Chas Jankel.

Have you got shares in Medifire? And yes, unbelievably it is 30 years!!!