Friday, 12 October 2007

Do you have fantasies?

Good, now I’ve got your attention! It’s the opening refrain from Person to Person by French coldwave band The (Hypothetical) Prophets. The song takes the form of a series of personal ads.

As the opening verse puts it:

Paper mates, blind dates, hedonistics, romantics, bi-sexuals, anti-socials, unattractives, independents, lonely hearts and no starters all can find ideal partners through the person to person to personal announcements.

If you are wondering how these can possibly fit into a song just right-click and save the link below.

Don’t know much about this band apart from the fact they consisted of Bernard Szajner and Karel Beer, who went under the pseudonyms Joseph Weil and Norman D Landing. I have to say no-one sounds French on this record, which is surprising since it is mostly spoken, and the humour and choice of place names seems very English (Elektra, Dorking and Maureen, Bognor). Draw your own conclusions.

mp3: The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person (Colour Supplementary Version)


So It Goes said...

You want to know what I think, Mick? It's either a) Yello under a pseudonym, or b) considering the ultra-tacky early 80s style cover, which looks like magazines pasted onto graph paper during art class, it's a piss-take by a TV comedy team, like 'A Kick Up The Eighties'. In any event, it's actually rather good.
P.S. I'm sorry my hosting site pissed you off, I've sent it to bed without any sticky toffee pudding. E-mail me and we'll see what we can do ;-).

Mick said...

I know what you mean. It's easy to imagine Pamela Stephenson giving the camera a sultry look and saying 'Kinda Lingers'

The video is on Youtube:

iain said...

A quick search of the net doesn't bring us any closer to find out who actually did this....i'm with Steve on this one, it does feel like someone operating under a pseudonym, but who?

Davy H said...

This IS rather good isn't it?

And there is stuff about Bernard Szajner out there...

Quite Eno-esque, pour moi.

Lordy but you have some strange 12" singles Michael...(and I for one love you for it).

Mick said...

I kept coming up with contrary info when I was planning this post. As far as I know they were a real band. One snippet I read (can't remember which site) seemed to suggest Karel Beer is english but lives in Paris. Whatever the truth is those vocalists don't sound French.

Davy - This is probably the strangest 12". It's not exactly a dance mix is it?

Kippers said...

Definitely not very French-sounding vocals, Mick, as you say. Interesting stuff though! Really leapt out at me when it came up on my iTunes for the first time.

iamnotthebeatles said...

Hello Everybody. I am new here, nice to meet you all. Hello Mick!

Bernard Szajner really is French, they called his style 'cold wave' apparently .

He released an album called 'Some Deaths take Forever' which was one of Melody Maker's 10 albums of the year at the time. Want it ?

Really quite marvellously, according to one reviewer :

"The album was recorded as a protest against capital punishment (Szajner offered to donate the proceeds to Amnesty but,due to their then constitution,they declined.)"

Another one he did was called The Big Scare, y'ere : the big scare

I warn you now, it's a bit weird...

Beyond that he has worked with Howard Devoto in the past, but is currently unsigned and looking for a manager. Any takers ? As Davy H said before his website is :

He seems very nice.

Hope you are all well, and I might be wrong about any of the above. Treat me nicely x

Ian TB

iamnotthebeatles said...

Bugger. My link went wrong. Let's try again - Want an album ?

Ian TB


five said...

i cant stop listening to this song, its definately one of the best ive ever heard... all the harmonies come in just right and its so perfectly minimal I LOVE IT

phaota said...

Please redo the link for the "Person To Person" song. It isn't working and I would really like to hear this tune. Thanks.