Monday, 8 October 2007

Engine of Excess

Back to normality today: another Punishment of Luxury single. This was in fact my first Punilux single and I think the main reason I bought it was because I liked the band name. I had certainly never heard their music. My first thought when I heard the opening bars of Engine of Excess was ‘Hawkwind’. This may go some way to explaining why the music press seemed to hate them so much. That was certainly not a cool name to drop in 1979, although I’m sure I’ve read since then that John Lydon was a Hawkwind fan which even now seems to be important to certain journo types, so maybe it’s ok now.

This was their first United Artists release following the excellent Puppet Life on the Small Wonder label.

Back in the day I played the b-side Jellyfish at least as much as the a-side with it’s strange vocal and John Noakes impression at the end, so I’ve included that too.

mp3: Punishment of Luxury - Engine of Excess

mp3: Punishment of Luxury – Jellyfish


haywire said...

just wanted to pass a kind word your way, Mick. i've been enjoying your blog--it's always fun and fascinating to read and you've been putting some really interesting tunes out there for us to enjoy. on behalf of all 80's music, thank you very much and long may you blog.

Mick said...

Thanks haywire. I don’t know if you’re a blogger but if you are you will know how important words of encouragement are.

iain said...

I love a bit of Punilux, they're another one of those classic "overlooked" that respect, they remind me of Angletrax, I think I can feel a post coming on......

So It Goes said...

OOH I've been waiting for this! Your last post about them was that superb. Thanks Mick...words of encouragement mean a lot to me too....;-)

Mick said...

Couldn’t think who Angletrax were when I first read your comment. Then I remembered 'Things To Make And Do' which my old flatmate had. I lost touch with him in the 90’s but I really should track him down because he had some great vinyl.

Hope you like these. There will be more in the future.