Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Love Cascade

Leisure Process seem to be largely forgotten now despite achieving moderate success in the early eighties. Singer Ross Middleton came from Positive Noise (songs still available here) and saxophone player Gary Barnacle seemingly played on every early 80’s record that featured a session sax player.

mp3: Leisure Process – Love Cascade (1982)

I started writing this post under the assumption that this was their most well known song and was a chart hit. Apparently they had no UK chart entries, which really conflicts with my memory. It’s a Martin Rushent production with one eye on the pop chart and the other on the dance floor, which should be recommendation enough.

They recorded a Peel session which was broadcast on 22nd March 1982 and I recorded it but I don’t have anything to play it on at the moment. There will be more Leisure Process posts in the future including the Peel session if I can find a working cassette deck.


Davy H said...

Never heard of this lot, but hey! no change there, eh?

Out of interest, why did everyone have to sing like that in the 80s?

BTW - tonight as my nuclear family gathered in the warm tungsten glow of a half-term late night who should pop up on me iPo but your Fiat Lux ('Blue Emotion')? It was a moment of joy Mick, a moment of joy.

Mick said...

There was definitely an 80’s style of singing and I find if I hear an obscure 80’s song for the first time with this style I warm to it straight away. The ‘comfy slippers’ effect.

Out of interest, don’t you think your Jens Lekman has an 80’s style voice?

Glad you’re still enjoying Blue Emotion. My post nuclear family (Mrs Mick didn’t stop at 2.4) love the Youtube clip.

iamnotthebeatles said...

ello. The best link I found was this, if it helps :


But I suspect you already know this.

Two members of Level 42 played on a later single, which doesn't up the cool ante to be fair.

Ross later wrote for Sounds under the pseudonym Maxwell Park allegedly, but I can find nothing to support this...

All the best and thanks for being nice x

Ian TB

So It Goes said...

There's a definite synthesis of Depeche Mode, Human League, and in the sleeve even pre-Pet Shop Boys here!! Sparkling stuff, and a winner. Nice one Mick.

Davy H said...

Jens Lekman sings 80s-style! You're so RIGHT! DAMN!!

Mick said...

Yes, I read that stuff but to be honest I just wanted to get a post out quickly because I knew i wouldn't have much time before the weekend. I have to say the research on your blog puts mine to shame :(

You'll be glad to know I've got more by LP. One of them is almost a classic but there's one part that annoys the hell out of me. I'll post it soonish.

Are you sure Jens didn't sing for Care?

Anonymous said...


this is martin rushent

i have a working cassette deck

contact me thru myspace

Mick said...

OK but be patient. I need to set up a myspace account first.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite tracks of of the 80's, and one that got a fair amount of airplay on KROQ in LA, was Cashflow by Leisure Process (1983). The B side of that 12" single, which was called Emerge, was not so good. I wish the link still worked as I have never heard anything else from them. Hope you can re-up that file or at least try to get that peel session posted.
Thanks, D

Mick said...

The link should be working now.

dalston shopper said...

I'm about to post the Love Cascade track as part of the Jive Wire NME cassette on my blog where I record cassettes for people's enjoyment. If you want to send me that Peel cassette I would be happy to do the work and send it back to you :) contact me through the blog.