Thursday, 18 October 2007

An unlikely Stiff record…

…well I always thought so. I mean, you don’t expect Motown mimicry when you think of Stiff, do you? And very good it is too. I don’t know much about The Sapphires (a name like that is not google friendly) but I have good memories of this record. I used to hear it on my car radio driving to work on my first proper job after four years working for the Ministry of Defence (if I told you what I was doing I’d have to kill you ;) ). There were actually two versions of this song at the time. The other was a man whose name escapes me who sang “Baby I Must Be A Magician” in a jazzier way. I think it’s obvious which one I preferred.

Any Motown fan will know this as a Smokey Robinson composition which was a US hit for The Marvelettes in 1968. This version is more in the style of The Supremes. As a treat I’ve included the Sapphires and Marvelettes versions for you to compare.

mp3: The Sapphires – My Baby Must Be A Magician (1983)

mp3: The Marvelettes - My Baby Must Be A Magician (1968)
That’s Melvin Franklin of The Temptations on the intro.

Buy The Sapphires version here.

Buy The Marvelettes version here.


Kippers said...

Oh yes, very nice version by THe Sapphires, there - thanks! I'd never have guessed that was from 1983 if you hadn't told us.

Anonymous said...

Great Motown tune. I want Santa to bring me some of those Motown singles box sets that are just out!



Mick said...

It's pretty authentic sounding, isn't it?

I have been dropping SO many hints to Mrs Mick about those Motown box sets.

For the uninitiated out there only familiar with the usual Motown collections - buy anything with Brenda Holloway on it. You won't be disappointed