Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Happy Birthday Grace…

Bit of a change from the usual new wave/post punk/electro stuff today. You have to remember I’m getting on a bit and I started collecting records before punk/new wave. The first band I started collecting was Jefferson Airplane and it’s various spin-offs. Today is Grace Slick’s 68th(!!!) birthday.

To celebrate I have posted four song. Not necessarily her best (I’m not getting in to that argument), just songs that I’ve enjoyed for the last 30+ years.

mp3: Jefferson Airplane - Two heads (1967) (Buy)
Grace at her sneering best from the psychedelic classic After Bathing At Baxter’s.

mp3: Grace Slick - Come Again? Toucan (1973) (Buy)
Grace’s first solo album Manhole was once described by Charles Shaar Murray in a JA article as one of the worst albums he’s ever heard, so it was with some trepidation that I played this track from it when I bought the Flight Log compilation. It’s not up there with her classics but it’s better that the stuff the Airplane were churning out in the early 70s. I still haven’t heard the rest of the album.

mp3: Jefferson Starship – Hyperdrive (1974) (Buy)
This is just fantastic. Pure hippie space rock almost proggy nonsense. My favourite Grace Slick song. Really.

mp3: Grace Slick – Dreams (1980) (Buy)
I didn’t particularly like this almost hit from 1980 at the time, considering too MOR. It’s probably my age, but now I think it’s great, almost magical which I think was the idea of the production. This is the slightly longer album version.

This is the first time I have used Mediafire for my files. Let me know if you have problems.


So It Goes said...

AHA! You DID take my advice!! Media Fire's the dog's nadgers: the track I downloaded reached me in seconds. I'm glad you resisted the temptation to post 'White Rabbit': I will be posting that myself soon enough. Grace Slick is a terrific singer and you should be proud of posting these tracks.

Mick said...

I had no choice unless I wanted to pay for more bandwidth, so thanks for the tip. I deliberately didn't post White Rabbit or Somebody To Love because, great as they are, they get enough exposure. White Rabbit wasn't in a festive fifty, was it?

Davy H said...

24 in this one it seems.

'Surrealistic Pillow' and '67 Grace *sigh*. Buy everyone, buy!!!

Top post Michael.

Tracklister said...

I always remember this as one of those tracks where the producer seemed to throw everything in, including the kitchen sink.
Over the top but Brilliant !

Mick said...

Thank you, David. I've got 31 of that festive fifty. There's some old prog rock for Steve to post in there.

Totally agree about Surrealistic Pillow and Grace. One of my all time top 5 albums (sometimes number one, depends on my mood).

Davy H said...

Me too.

Mick said...

I assume you're talking about Hyperdrive. Some versions on compilation albums have the instrumental section before the final verse edited out, which i think is sacrilege.

btw everyone check out the Tracklister blog. You'll love it.

Mick said...

I've just realised from your description you're talking about 'Dreams'. The teenage Mick thought it was MOR, the 40-something Mick thinks it's a bit of a production tour de force.

So It Goes said...

Really, Mick? Let me know which of the other 19 you don't have, as I could do with some ideas for posts.