Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Metrophase - In Black

It’s a funny thing, blogging; sometimes you get a song in your head and you just have to post it. I promise after this I will lighten up a bit for my next few posts.

This is one of those lovely old independent releases with a xerox sleeve and even a xeroxed lyric sheet insert. The record label is plain white except for rubber stamped song titles, a 33RPM stamp and a partial date stamp (6 JUL 197?)

I bought this and many other indie releases from this period from a local market stall, which was the only place I could get them without travelling 20 miles. Many of these records were bought unheard (see my last Punilux post) based on how interesting they looked. In this case it was the fact that Steev Burgess is credited with playing synthesiser and rhythm machine. I hoped I was buying a record in the style of Gary Numan or John Foxx. In general terms it probably is part of that genre but in a much more primitive and even bleaker form.

Metrophase were a mainly studio project for Steev Burgess. As far as I know they only played live twice. The Phase One EP on their own Neolondon label features three tracks: In Black, Neobeauty and Cold Rebellion. In Black features Nikki Mapp on bass + acoustic guitar and Epic on piano, AKA Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks from Swell Maps.

mp3: Metrophase – In Black (1979)

If you want a copy of this record Vinyl Tap have one for £18.


iain said...

I had absolutely NO IDEA that this existed, so cheers Mick, this is wonderful stuff. I knew Nikki quite well in the mid-90's and it's just like him to turn up on a single like this. I remember when Epic died, feeling like it was such a waste, never realising that i'd be feeling the same about Nikki just a few short years later. RIP Nikki. x

Mick said...

Bearing in mind the name of your blog I thought you would appreciate this, and knowing your record collection I thought there was a chance you already had it. It is good stuff, isn’t it? I’ll send you the two other tracks if you want them.

Of course, it goes without saying I agree that their early deaths were a tragic waste.

So It Goes said...

A slow walk through a dark forest. Mesmerising.
P.S. Been so busy, just got round to listening to this. Sorry.

Don Zebra said...

thanks so much,i had to borrow it...this must be incredble rare!

Mick said...

I'm not sure how many copies were pressed but it has a very home made quality, so I doubt if it was more than a few thousand.

mr said...

i have a copy of this with a chunk cut out of the cover (was like that when I got it) it came with an insert which I can scan if anyone wants to see it.

Josh said...

The link to this track goes to a blank page....any chance of a re-upload? Thanks!