Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I’m about to pre-order the new B-52s album which will be my second new (as in not back catalogue) CD of the year. This means it’s only March and I am about to double last year’s total. This got me thinking about my old vinyl copy of Mesopotamia. A few years back, before I got my new turntable, I had the urge to hear ‘Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can’ so I downloaded it and to my surprise it sounded nothing like I remembered it. I have since discovered through this wikipedia entry that initial copies of the UK version of the album contained different or remixed versions of some songs and the whole album was remixed in 1991. What I think I’ve got here is the original UK version (I got the LP as soon as it came out) but it could be the original US version. Got that?

mp3: B-52s - Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can (1982)


Fusion 45 said...

Hello Mick: Greetings from across the pond and the big chunk of land in between (i.e., greetings from Washington State, USA). Your musings on the B-52's reminds me of two things: a girl I used to date who drove a Chrysler 'as big as a whale' and the number of songs she and I heard back then that sound so different today. The latter, however, is less likely about remixes than it is about dead brain cells. Thank you for the link to my site; I'll be back to visit you regularly. Music Junkie at Fusion 45

Mick said...

Thank you for the link. I've been lurking on your site and enjoying it for a few weeks now.