Friday, 14 March 2008

Missing Scientists

I’ve been looking for this single and it turned up in my mini crap box, which is mostly full of records that I bought in a moment of madness and experimental purchases that didn’t quite work out (but I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away). I certainly didn’t put it there on purpose. My guess is I stuffed it in there in a hurry when I was moving (and I moved a lot in the 80s).

Missing Scientists featured members of Television Personalities, a band centred around Dan Treacy with a long history that I won’t attempt to cover. Best place to look is here.

Big City Bright Lights (a cover of Dandy Livingstones Big City) and the b-side Discotheque X both have a reggae feel and feature dub effects. This single was their only release (unless any of you know different). Discotheque X caused me some problems when I was ripping it because the sound continues on the runout groove and therefore carries on until I decided to fade out. I waited for about thirty seconds so you get the idea.

Here are the credits as listed on the back cover with the real names in red.
Joe from Hendon : lead vocals, synthesizer and bass (Joe Foster from TVP)
DanDan : guitar, synthesizer and backing vocals (Dan Treacy from TVP)
Empire : percussion and backing vocals (Mark Sheppard of TVP)
Jacki : synthesizer (Daniel Miller of Mute Records fame. Surely responsible for the two very Silicon Teens-esque synth solos.)

mp3: Missing Scientists - Big City Bright Lights (1980)
mp3: Missing Scientists - Discotheque X (1980)


Finchy said...

Much enjoying the Big City track. Thanks for posting.
Happy Birthdays all around.

Mick said...

Cheers, Finchy. March and April are busy birthday times around here

Anonymous said...

this is amazing. Apparently I'm not half the TVP fan I thought I was as I didn't even know this existed. thank you!!!

by the way.. any chance we'll see that Genocide B-side soon (pretty please)?

Mick said...

Don't feel bad. I didn't know of the TVP connection in the days before Google. The Genocide B-side is on my 'to do' list.